YVEL Design Center

YVEL Design Center

Yvel is an international luxury jewelry brand that features a variety of expensive and unique natural resources in its designs.

The center's main exhibition hall includes collector’s jewelry and expensive pearls alongside jewelry pieces for gifts and special designs for the Israeli public. The brand has won international design awards for its outstanding designs and creations.

Yvel Design Center invites visitors to participate in a guided tour around the company’s factory. During the tour, visitors will learn about the process of making jewelry. Visitors will also get a chance to appreciate the latest designs and see where the magic happens. In addition, participants will visit Megemeria School of Jewelry & Art for members of the Ethiopian community in Israel. The school was established as a social-business venture and it promotes values of Zionism, social action, and giving back to the community.

Things to Do at the Design Center

Precious Stones Garden Tour Stroll along a romantic garden and enjoy the sound of flowing water coming from the streams and the sight of excavated rocks from gemstone mines. Megemeria School Guided Tour Take a guided tour at Megemeria School of Jewelry & Art (Genesis in Amharic) and explore Ethiopian traditional jewelry collections. The school is operated by members of the Ethiopian community in Israel. Manufacturing Factory Tour How do people make jewelry? Learn about the manufacturing process, gold and silver crafting, diamond settings, pearl knotting, product development, and more! Watch a Film in the Auditorium  Explore the wonderful world of pearls and hear the story of Yvel brand and the establishment of Magemeria School. Workshops for Children & Adults Adults are welcome to enjoy a pearl knotting workshop and kids can enjoy fun brain games that involve playing with all sorts of raw materials. Wine Tastings at the Cellar Enjoy boutique wine tasting at the company’s boutique 19th century cellar.

Yvel Design Center – Hosting Options

Yvel Design Center offers a variety of facilities for hosting private events and celebrations of all kinds:

  • Spacious patio for special occasions
  • VIP room for special celebrations and events
  • Group receptions
  • Lecture Hall for seminars and screenings
  • Private events at the Precious Stones Garden
  • Wine lecture series & workshops at a boutique wine cellar
  • Private events at the main exhibition hall

Book a Tour

Want to get a guided tour at Yvel Design Center and learn about jewelry crafting and manufacturing? Contact Ofer Mizrahi, Head of the Tourism Department, at 072-3944575.  Tour duration: 45 min - 1.5 h Available in multiple languages 


  • Megemeria Admission Fee: 25 ILS
  • Tours are suitable for groups of 50. Singles are welcome as well.
  • Yvel Design Center is wheelchair accessible
  • Available parking space for busses and private cars.
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