Zedekiah's Cave, King Solomon's Quarries

Zedekiah's Cave, King Solomon's Quarries

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based on 1626 traveler reviews
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Zedekiah Cave is a breathtaking cave in size and beauty, located east of the Damascus gate under the houses of the old city. The cave was used as an ancient stone quarry since the days of the First Temple.

Many legends and traditions are linked with the cave's name, and it is called Zedekiah Cave probably because of the description of the escape of Zedekiah, the last king of Judah, from the Chaldeans who conquered Jerusalem through the cave. Today cultural and musical performances are held in the cave, giving the audience an unusual and exciting experience. Today cultural and musical performances are held in the cave, giving the audience an unusual and exciting experience.


Events in Zedekiah Cave

The place where legends and almost implausible mysterious stories are woven has become a stronghold of culture and music. In recent years, a line of boutique shows has established itself in the cave with the participation of many of the leaders of Israeli music, including Yoni Rechter, Keren Peles, Berry Sakharof, Idan Amadi, Yishai Rivo, Miri Mesika, Sharit Haddad, Eviatar Banai, Ehud Banai, Natan Goshen, and many others. The cave is considered by most artists as an "unconventional place" thanks to the exceptional experience it gives to the artist and the audience and its remarkable acoustics. You can keep up to date with the performance schedule on the Facebook page. In addition, the mysterious Zedekiah Cave is also used as a site for unforgettable events. An event of up to 500 people can be held in the cave during the day and at night. The place offers a variety of seating options and allows you to order outside catering. The cave has partial access for people with disabilities, and the site offers bus parking. As a special bonus, the Zedekiah Cave team will take you on a guided tour of the cave and the secret crawl tunnel.

About the history of Zedekiah Cave

The last known quarrying in the cave occurred at the beginning of the 20th century. The "Clock Tower" that once stood above the Jaffa Gate and was destroyed during the British Mandate, was built from quarried stones-. A host of stories and traditions have been associated with the name of the cave: King Zedekiah's escape from the Chaldeans, the construction of the Temple by King Solomon, its adoption by members of the order of the "Freemasons" who gave it the name "King Solomon's Quarries", an Arabic tradition that identifies the cave with the burial place of Korah and his sect, a winged creature that was discovered in a cave at the end of the 19th century as a carving of a mythological figure, reminiscent of the Sphinx. Thousands of graffiti on the walls, the trickling of the "Tears of Zedekiah" spring, and a mysterious crawling canal that was only recently discovered.

Photographs: Pami, Yael Herman


Walking Directions: Walk around the Old City walls from Jaffa Gate to Damascus Gate. The entrance to the cave is hidden between Damascus Gate and Herod's Gate. Then, enter the Northern Ramparts Walk (from Jaffa Gate to Lions gate). Descend at the Damascus Gate. The entrance to the cave is about 200 yards east of the Damascus Gate. There is a direct exit from the northern Ramparts Walk to Zedekiah's Cave. Public Transportation: Light Rail: Get off at Damascus Gate Stop Egged Busses: Get off at Damascus Gate Stop/ Sultan Suleiman  Street
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based on 1626 traveler reviews
  • Yaniv Berman
    Yaniv Berman
    September 14, 2018

    Zedekiah's Cave is just next to the Damascus gate and offers the visitor an amazing underground experience. It’s an ancient quarry most likely from the days of the second temple, used by King Herod for building the temple...

  • Reut Golinsky
    Reut Golinsky
    July 29, 2018

    Jerusalem has so much variety to offer! It even has it's own huge cave, remarkable both in size and beauty, which lies under the Old City. Only the mouth of Zedekiah's Cave is a natural phenomenon, the interior was carved...

  • Jake Colman
    Jake Colman
    October 1, 2023

    No signage, nothing of interest. I guess it's sort of cool to walk through a large subterranean chamber but that's about it. Unless you have nothing else to do, don't bother.

  • Akhil Garg
    Akhil Garg
    August 25, 2018

    Zedekiah cave is a nice place to visit in Jerusalem. This place contains a lot of legends some says it was hideout of king. some says secret meeting used to happens here. There is an ancient says that it used in construct...

  • Michael Shmaytser
    Michael Shmaytser
    April 20, 2018

    ביקרתי במקום כמסעדה ולא כאתר היסטורי, וזה בהחלט מקום מרשים עם אווירה של פעם. I visited this place with a group when there was a dinner inside the cave and the atmosphere was amazing there , very unique

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