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Attractions in Jerusalem

Check out the hundreds of attractions in and around Jerusalem. From internationally renowned institutions like the Israel Museum and Yad Vashem to holy and historical sites such as the Western Wall, Dome of the Rock and Church of the Holy Sepulchre, you’ll find all the information you need right here.

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  • Motza, Israel

The Yellin House was built in 1890 by Joshua Yellin, son of a family from Jerusalem’s Old City. Yellin believed that the future of the Jewish community depended on... Read more

The Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue
  • Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem

The Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue was the most impressive synagogue during the 20th Century within the Old City of Jerusalem. Read more

  • Damascus Gate, The Old City, Jerusalem

The Roman Plaza at the Damascus Gate – the remains of Aelia Capitolina Gate and a floor paved with original stones from Emperor Hadrian’s period (133 AD). Previously, a... Read more

  • 19 Misgav Ladach St, Jerusalem

Although there has been no shortage of attempts to bridge the divide between Israelis and Palestinians, peace has been consistently eluding the two sides for decades. But although the... Read more

  • Beit Rothschild, Jerusalem

The Rothschild House is a two-story building with arches that was built in 1871 to house poor families. Today it houses the offices of the Jewish Quarter Development Company... Read more

The Tomb of Samuel – Nebi Samuel
  • Nabi Samuil, Jerusalem

Samuel was one of the more striking personalities of the Bible, ruling the Jewish people as a prophet during the time of the Judges and serving as the kingmaker... Read more

Safra Square Visitor Center
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  • Safra Square, Jerusalem

Visit Jerusalem's official visitor center and enjoy a variety of tours and activities in different languages and for all ages. Read more

  • Shim'on HaTsadik's Tomb, Jerusalem

Simeon the Just (or Shimon HaTzaddik) was a Jewish High Priest during the time of the Second Temple and one of the sages of the early Tannaic period. He... Read more

  • Mount of Olives, Jerusalem

An impressive, Hellenic-style structure on the Mount of Olives that marks the tomb of a First Temple priest Read more

  • Gan Sacher, Jerusalem

One of the largest recreational parks in the city and the perfect spot for a jog, stroll or picnic Read more

  • Salah ah Din St, Jerusalem

An impressive tomb in East Jerusalem believed to be that of Queen Helena of Adiabene in Mesopotamia Read more

  • Batei Mahase Rd, Jerusalem

A treasure trove of artifacts dating back to the First Temple and a fascinating view of ancient Jewish life Read more

  • 31 Habad Rd, Jerusalem

A landmark synagogue in the Old City built in 1858 and never destroyed Read more

  • Zurim Valley National Park, Jersualem

A 42-acre national park around the Old City walls that also contains the Temple Mount Sifting Project Read more

St. Andrew’s Church
  • 1 David Remez St, Jerusalem

A tranquil church near the Old City built to commemorate the Scottish soldiers who died in WWI Read more

The Via Dolorosa
  • Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem

The final steps of Jesus Read more

  • 24 Ussishkin St, Jerusalem

A synagogue in the Nachlaot neighborhood that was frequented by and named for Israel's second president Read more

Mishkenot Sha’ananim
  • Mishkenot Sha'ananim, Jerusalem

A picturesque neighborhood steeped in history and home to many artists and galleries Read more

  • 14 Hovevei Zion St., Jerusalem

A synagogue in Talbiyeh that houses a cache of Italian Jewish furniture and artifacts from the 19th centuryT Read more

  • Mount Scopus, Jerusalem

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is Israel’s oldest university, with a history going back to 1918 when its First Board of Governors included such names as Albert Einstein and... Read more