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Top 10 Restaurants im Zentrum von Jerusalem samstags geöffnet

Jerusalem is known from Friday evening to Saturday evening for Shabbat (the Jewish day of rest) to close the restaurants. Many visitors are therefore a bit nervous.

But in reality there is no reason for this. There are many restaurants in Jerusalem are open on the Sabbath, especially in the vibrant city center.

Here are our top 10 restaurants …

Where is eaten on the Sabbath in the center


Wine lovers will love the cozy Mantra Restaurant. A bar which is best known for its extensive wine list and creative menu.

Also in Feingold Courtyard, Mantra offers a spacious indoor and outdoor areas and a cozy bar.

Try the special selection of „tapas“ dishes designed by the chef and with different wines  served the basement.

31 Jaffa Street, Feingold Courtyard, Jerusalem; 072-329-0760


If you are looking for a Chef cuisine at affordable prices, then Menza is an absolute must when visiting Jerusalem.

The bistro menu offers a variety of dishes with Mediterranean influences and creative mixtures that you would expect from a star restaurant, as well as original and classic cocktails and wines for every budget.

10 Betsal’el Street, Jerusalem; 02-625-5222


Operated by the world-renowned Machneyuda group (yes, that Machneyuda) is Mona Fine Dining cuisine at its best.

It is located in the building of the Jerusalem Artist House, the interior is impressive and the constantly changing menu features some of the best and most creative fusion cuisine using the freshest local ingredients.

12 Samuel Ha-Nagid Street, Jerusalem; 072-329-0755

Focaccia bar

Focaccia Bar is a hot spot for Friday evening and Saturday afternoon for locals, immigrants and tourists alike. Affordable prices and a mix of Italian and Oriental cuisine burgers, steaks and more.

Groups, families and young people alike come in the lively bar.

4 Rabbi Akiva Street, Jerusalem; 02-625-6428


Link has always been a refuge for secular locals and immigrants.

The Resto-bar menu includes intended for everyone – pasta, steaks, fish, salads burgers and much more – and the atmosphere is alive and open, if you sit outside on the terrace or hidden in the back room.

3 Ma’alot Street, Jerusalem; 072-329-0769


If you are an avid fan of authentic Italian cuisine, then Cielo is the perfect destination for an intimate Friday evening or a lunch on Saturday.

Do not expect pizza. The menu contains only authentic pasta, meat, fish and seafood dishes freshly prepared from the finest ingredients.

The room is rather small and intimate, so you need to book early to get a table during meal times.

18 Ben Sira Street, Jerusalem; 02-625-1132

P2 Pizza

The P2 is a nondescript restaurant tucked away on the corner of King George and Keren Hayesod. You could miss out on a weekday, but it’s the only place that is open there on the Sabbath.

The room is rather small and almost like a cafeteria with an open kitchen, which creates a surprisingly pleasant casual atmosphere. All ingredients are fresh, the pizza crust is thin and crispy, so you certainly do not go home disappointed.

36 Keren Hayesod Street, Jerusalem; 02-563-5555


When looking for a bit of variety, then visit Jerusalem only Indian restaurant Kohinoor.

Expect Curry, Tandoori Masala and as well as some lesser known, but equally delicious traditional Indian dishes.

13 Shamai Street, Jerusalem; 02-940-0444

Notre Dame Rooftop Wine & Cheese Restaurant

Last but not least, the restaurant of the Notre Dame Center of Jerusalem. If not for the delicious food, then at least for one of the best views of the city and a nice atmosphere.

3 HaTsanhanim Street, Jerusalem; 02-627-9177


A restaurant with a better combination of delicious food and great atmosphere you will not find.

In sexy Feingold courtyard Barood serves a variety of dishes from the Middle East, the Balkans and Mediterranean dishes in addition to a fine selection of Israeli and imported wines.

In summer, locals and tourists alike come to eat in the yard, and in the winter it is warm, intimate restaurant is the perfect place to escape the cool nights of Jerusalem.

Depending on the week you can afternoon with local musicians who play jazz music or middle eastern Balkan music, listen to a free live concert on Friday and / or Saturday.

31 Jaffa Street, Feingold Courtyard, Jerusalem