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Muffin Boutique

  • 16 Ben Yehuda St, Jerusalem
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TripAdvisor BewertungenÜberprüft auf June 29, 2021

Everything I've tried from them is amazing. Muffins, salads, bagels, catering, you-name-it! Native English speakers at the counter. Courteous and helpful.

Good food, good muffins, a bit crowded
TripAdvisor BewertungenÜberprüft auf September 8, 2020

My daughter and granddaughters like coming here for their birthday lunch. The staff is very helpful and friendly. Food is fresh, muffins tasty.

Hit the spot
TripAdvisor BewertungenÜberprüft auf August 9, 2020

Lovely place for a delightful snack or light meal. Service is friendly and thoughtful, the coffee was just right, the food delicious.