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Authentic atmosphere and other North African homestyle cooking

Azura is one of Mahane Yehuda's most iconic and celebrated eateries. Over the years it has transitioned from a working class joint to a hotspot for locals of all ages and backgrounds and a regular stop for tourists who come for its authentic atmosphere, famous hummus, kube and other North African homestyle cooking. 

You can find Azura in the winding alleyways of the Iraqi Shuk in the Mahane Yehuda Market. 

Photo: Courtesy of Azura

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based on 3902 traveler reviews
  • Bernardo Mar
    Bernardo Mar
    June 22, 2022

    Azura has a cozy atmosphere and the food tastes homemade. Most of the food is already cooked so the wait time is minimal. The food is very traditional and authentic to the Iraqi Kurdish cuisine. The Azura was tasty and h...

  • Jonathan Gan
    Jonathan Gan
    April 4, 2022

    A great authentic local restaurant. Amazing dishes with original and unique combination of ingredients. If you want to feel and taste and original Jerusalem flavour, so this is a must visit place to eat. Great for lunch a...

  • Christopher w
    Christopher w
    January 19, 2023

    Why 5 stars? The Food. Great taste, good portions, relaxed family atmosphere. Everything about this place is right. Family run, super busy, classic dishes. Price is on the high side, but the value is there. Shimon Peres,...

  • Maria Sousa
    Maria Sousa
    November 27, 2022

    *AZURA RESTAURANTE * IS THE BEST RESTAURANTE IN JERUSALEM. Inside Machaneh Yehudah Market, * JAFFA STREET* I really recommend this Restaurant Where you eat like a local. Good Prices The food is homemade Traditional Typica...

  • Fasih Rehman
    Fasih Rehman
    June 8, 2023

    Of all the places I have eaten at on this trip around Israel this has easily been the best. The Moussaka might be a little simple but it is so well prepared that it just melts in your mouth. The service is fast due to the...

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