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Parking in Jerusalem

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  • Paul Emile Botta St 10, Jerusalem

King David Parking Lot is a central lot in Jerusalem. A perfect parking solution at convenient rates & close... Read more

  • Nevi'im Street and Wallenberg Street

This lot is close to Zion Square, Jaffa Street and Hillel Street. Machane Yehuda Market is within walking distance... Read more

  • 6 Mordehai A'liash Street, Jerusalem

Rejwan Parking is located in close proximity to Jerusalem's entertainment district, King George Street and Jaffa and Hillel Streets.... Read more

  • Mesilat Yesharim Street

Located in close proximity to Machane Yehuda Market, the entertainment district, King George St, Jaffa St, and Hillel St.... Read more

  • 2 Kiach Street, Jerusalem

A large parking lot located just by the famous Machane Yehuda Market and Jaffa Street in Downtown Jerusalem. Read more

  • Agripas Street, Jerusalem

Agripas Parking is located just by the famous Machane Yehuda Market in close proximity to Jaffa Street and Downtown... Read more

  • Kia'ach Street, Jerusalem

Located at the heart of Machane Yehuda Market in close proximity to Jaffa Street, Davidka Square, Nachlaot neighborhood and... Read more

  • Angelo Levi Bianchini Street, Jerusalem

Shmuel parking garage is close to hotels, restaurants, museums, and other fun and interesting attractions in the City Center. Read more

  • HaKeren HaKayemet Le-Israel/King George Street, Jerusalem

החניון קרוב למרכזי הבילוי של ירושלים, רחוב הלל, יפו ובן יהודה Read more

  • Rabbi Akiva Street, Jerusalem

Jerusalem of Gold parking offers central and accessible parking near the city's most important cultural and entertainment districts. Read more

  • 33 Hillel Street, Jerusalem

Located at the very heart of Jerusalem, just in front of Independence Park, in parallel to Jaffa Street, and... Read more

  • 6 Rabbi Akiva Street, Jerusalem

Jerusalem Tower Parking offers 360 parking spaces in a central location, close to the most interesting tourist attractions and... Read more

  • HaRav Agan Street, Jerusalem

HaAmudim Parking offers public parking at the center of Jerusalem. Located on HaRav Agan Street, the lot is close... Read more

  • Harav Kook Street. Jerusalem

This location is extremely comfortable and in close proximity to Zion Square, Jaffa Street, and Ben Yehuda Street. Read more

  • HaNevi'im/Adler Street, Jerusalem

Whether you're visiting Jerusalem on business or just for pleasure and sightseeing, Arledan parking offers a great parking solution... Read more

  • Safra Square parking, Shivtei Israel Street, Jerusalem, Israel

Safra Square Parking is a municipal parking facility with blue & white curbs. The lot is close to Jerusalem... Read more

  • Mount Zion Parking, Jerusalem

Mount Zion Parking Lot is located outside the Old City and serves private cars. Spots for tour busses are... Read more

  • Mamilla Parking, Alrov Mamilla Avenue, Jerusalem

Mamilla Parking is an underground lot located under Mamilla Avenue at 1 Yitzhak Kariv Street. Near Jaffa Gate and... Read more

  • Karta Parking, Jerusalem

Karta Parking is located at the entrance to Jaffa Gate on 1 Yitzhak Kariv Street. Read more

  • Keren HaYesod Parking, Jerusalem

Located in the center of Jerusalem, Keren HaYesod parking lot is offers proximity to the city's main destinations at... Read more