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Parking in Jerusalem

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King David Parking Lot
  • 072-3944498
  • Paul Emile Botta St 10, Jerusalem

King David Parking Lot is a central lot in Jerusalem. A perfect parking solution at convenient rates & close to tourist attractions. Read more

  • Nevi'im Street and Wallenberg Street

This lot is close to Zion Square, Jaffa Street and Hillel Street. Machane Yehuda Market is within walking distance as well. Read more

  • 6 Mordehai A'liash Street, Jerusalem

Rejwan Parking is located in close proximity to Jerusalem's entertainment district, King George Street and Jaffa and Hillel Streets. Read more

  • Mesilat Yesharim Street

Located in close proximity to Machane Yehuda Market, the entertainment district, King George St, Jaffa St, and Hillel St. Read more

  • 2 Kiach Street, Jerusalem

A large parking lot located just by the famous Machane Yehuda Market and Jaffa Street in Downtown Jerusalem. Read more

  • Agripas Street, Jerusalem

Agripas Parking is located just by the famous Machane Yehuda Market in close proximity to Jaffa Street and Downtown Jerusalem. Read more

  • Angelo Levi Bianchini Street, Jerusalem

Shmuel parking garage is close to hotels, restaurants, museums, and other fun and interesting attractions in the City Center. Read more

  • Rabbi Akiva Street, Jerusalem

Jerusalem of Gold parking offers central and accessible parking near the city's most important cultural and entertainment districts. Read more

  • 33 Hillel Street, Jerusalem

Located at the very heart of Jerusalem, just in front of Independence Park, in parallel to Jaffa Street, and close to Ben-Yehuda Pedestrian Street. Read more

  • 6 Rabbi Akiva Street, Jerusalem

Jerusalem Tower Parking offers 360 parking spaces in a central location, close to the most interesting tourist attractions and entertainment districts. Read more

  • HaRav Agan Street, Jerusalem

HaAmudim Parking offers public parking at the center of Jerusalem. Located on HaRav Agan Street, the lot is close to a wide range of attractions. Read more

  • Harav Kook Street. Jerusalem

This location is extremely comfortable and in close proximity to Zion Square, Jaffa Street, and Ben Yehuda Street. Read more

  • HaNevi'im/Adler Street, Jerusalem

Whether you're visiting Jerusalem on business or just for pleasure and sightseeing, Arledan parking offers a great parking solution at the City Center. Read more

  • Safra Square parking, Shivtei Israel Street, Jerusalem, Israel

Safra Square Parking is a municipal parking facility with blue & white curbs. The lot is close to Jerusalem City Hall, HaShalom Court, and the visitor center for tourists.... Read more

  • Mount Zion Parking, Jerusalem

Mount Zion Parking Lot is located outside the Old City and serves private cars. Spots for tour busses are also available. Near the First Station, Khan Theatre, and Montefiore... Read more

  • Kia'ach Street, Jerusalem
  • 054-2452024

Located at the heart of Machane Yehuda Market in close proximity to Jaffa Street, Davidka Square, Nachlaot neighborhood and Downtown Jerusalem. Read more

  • Karta Parking, Jerusalem

Karta Parking is located at the entrance to Jaffa Gate on 1 Yitzhak Kariv Street. Read more

  • HaKeren HaKayemet Le-Israel/King George Street, Jerusalem

החניון קרוב למרכזי הבילוי של ירושלים, רחוב הלל, יפו ובן יהודה Read more

Keren HaYesod Parking Lot
  • Keren HaYesod Parking, Jerusalem

Located in the center of Jerusalem, Keren HaYesod parking lot is offers proximity to the city's main destinations at convenient rates. Read more

Mamilla Parking
  • Mamilla Parking, Alrov Mamilla Avenue, Jerusalem

Mamilla Parking is an underground lot located under Mamilla Avenue at 1 Yitzhak Kariv Street. Near Jaffa Gate and Jerusalem's most visited areas. Read more