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Stores in the Old City

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  • 40 Misgav Ladach St, Jerusalem

Welcome to Moria – the largest store for books, jewelry, Judaica, and religious articles in the Old City! ... Read more

  • 02-628-2814
  • 17 Tiferet Yisrael St, Jewish Quarter, The Old City, Jerusalem

Marzipan Bakery is renowned for their gooey rugelach, and are popular with American yeshiva students, Israelis and tourists. Read more

  • David Rd, Armenian Quarter, Old City of Jerusalem

The unique beauty of Armenian ceramics, which are traditionally decorated in a floral blue/green design, makes them very popular... Read more

  • Maalot E-Khanka, Christian Quarter, Old City of Jerusalem

George Kahvedjian is the son of legendary Armenian photographer Elia Kahvedjian who beginning in 1924 documented the history of... Read more

  • 87 Armenian Patriarchate Rd, Armenian Quarter, Old City of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is well known as a world center for handmade Armenian ceramics, all manufactured by the Armenian community in... Read more

  • Cardo, Jewish Quarter, Old City of Jerusalem

Bar-On, owned by Mark Bar-On, is a high-quality Judaica store that sells a wide selection of Judaica products Read more

  • +972-2-628-8407
  • El Wad St, Muslim Quarter, Old City of Jerusalem

Sweets are not considered dessert in the Old City but rather a meal in and of themselves. Cakes, jams,... Read more