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Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate
  • Rooftop of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem

The site includes the seat of the Archbishop, three churches and a large well from the Byzantine period. Read more

Olive Press Street
  • Souk Khan al-Zeit, Muslim Quarter, Old City of Jerusalem

The Three Markets merge and meet, still inside the Muslim Quarter, on Olive Press Street (Beit Habad in Hebrew, Khan a-Zayit in Arabic). The other end of this large... Read more

  • Next to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Old City of Jerusalem

A Russian church named after a Russian commander who was martyred. A patron of Czar Alexander III. Within the site are impressive archeological remains from the Roman and Byzantine... Read more

Jaffa Gate
  • Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem

One of the seven open gates of the Old City, Jaffa Gate serves as the main tourist entry point to the city. Just inside the gate, you’ll find the Old... Read more

Zion Gate
  • Zion Gate, Old City, Jerusalem

Zion Gate, on the south side of the wall, leads in the direction of Mount Zion Read more

Lion’s Gate – Old City
  • Lion's Gate, Old City, Jerusalem

Lion's Gate, one of the entrances to the Old City of Jerusalem. The entrance is also renowned worldwide for being the start point of the Via Dolorosa walk of... Read more

Christian Quarter – Old City
  • Christian Quarter, Old City, Jerusalem

A main center of Christianity, the Christian Quarter in the Old City is filled with a variety of churches, some many centuries-old, including the renowned Church of the Holy... Read more

  • 02-628-2814
  • 17 Tiferet Yisrael St, Jewish Quarter, The Old City, Jerusalem

Marzipan Bakery is renowned for their gooey rugelach, and are popular with American yeshiva students, Israelis and tourists. Read more

The Temple Institute Visitor’s Center
  • 40 Misgav Ladach St, Old City, Jerusalem

See over 70 vessels, exquisite paintings, priest uniforms and more from the time of the Temples. Read more

The Cardo – Ancient Roman Street
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  • 10 HaKardo St, Jerusalem

The Cardo is an impressive colonnaded-style street in the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem. Read more

Zedekiah’s Cave (King Solomon’s Quarries)
  • Damascus Gate, Jerusalem

About 9,000 square-meters beneath the Old City houses lies a most remarkable cave, both in size and beauty. This legendary cave, known as Zedekiah's Cave, one of the... Read more

The Hurva Synagogue
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  • 074-7690929
  • 89 Hayehudim Rd, Jerusalem

The first rebuilding of the synagogue was in 1864, and this time it remained standing for quite a bit longer, serving as Jerusalem’s central Ashkenazi sanctuary until it was... Read more

The Israelite Tower – Jewish Quarter
  • Shonei Halakhot, Jerusalem

Excavations in the basement of a building in the Jewish Quarter after the Six-Day War revealed some of the foundations of a tower from Jerusalem’s First-Temple-era ramparts. The Israelite Tower,... Read more

  • David Rd, Armenian Quarter, Old City of Jerusalem

The unique beauty of Armenian ceramics, which are traditionally decorated in a floral blue/green design, makes them very popular among tourists and Israelis Read more

Muristan Market and Aftimos Market
  • Muristan Rd, Christian Quarter, Old City of Jerusalem

Situated in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, this complex of streets and shops have a tradition dating back to the second century BCE; legend has... Read more

  • Shaar Habarzel, Jerusalem

The Small Wall - also known as the Little Western Wall or, in Hebrew, Hakotel Hakatan - is a Jewish holy site because it is a small part of... Read more

  • Maalot E-Khanka, Christian Quarter, Old City of Jerusalem

George Kahvedjian is the son of legendary Armenian photographer Elia Kahvedjian who beginning in 1924 documented the history of Jerusalem through the lens of his camera and offers for... Read more

Sandrouni Armenian Ceramics Gallery
  • 87 Armenian Patriarchate Rd, Armenian Quarter, Old City of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is well known as a world center for handmade Armenian ceramics, all manufactured by the Armenian community in the Old City. The Armenian Ceramics Gallery is owned and... Read more

The Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue
  • Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem

The Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue was the most impressive synagogue during the 20th Century within the Old City of Jerusalem. Read more

  • Beit Rothschild, Jerusalem

The Rothschild House is a two-story building with arches that was built in 1871 to house poor families. Today it houses the offices of the Jewish Quarter Development Company... Read more