The Knesset

  • Knesset, Kiryat Ben-Gurion, Jerusalem

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too commercialized
TripAdvisor RatingReviewed on April 25, 2019

This is basically a theme restaurant with a choice of fish or pizzia. We had one fish (deep fried head tail bones, just gutted. We also had one pizzia. Flattened bread with catsup and a sprinkle of cheese. Really awful food and not cheap!

TripAdvisor RatingReviewed on April 4, 2019

Situated in beautiful place in Jerusalem The building very interesting design. I was able to seat and listen for one of the sessions most interesting

lots of history
TripAdvisor RatingReviewed on February 11, 2019

if you follow Israel you will want to see the parliament and take in where so many pivotal things have happened.