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Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center

  • 3 HaTsanhanim Rd, Jerusalem

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TripAdvisor ReviewsBased on 77 traveler reviews
Great stay in the Heart of Jerusalem
TripAdvisor RatingReviewed 2 days ago

What an amazing location and venue with a great view of the old city. On top of that some side benefits were that the oatmeal at breakfast was the best oatmeal I have ever tasted and Milar did a wonderful job in keeping the room clean and friendliness.

Overpriced with Substandard Service
TripAdvisor RatingReviewed on January 8, 2020

The room in this hotel owned by the Vatican was smaller than, and the cost almost twice for what we paid for in Tel Aviv, Israel or for our stay in Giza, Egypt.

TripAdvisor RatingReviewed on December 6, 2019

A perfect place to stay in Jerusalem. An excellent service, very clean. Food delicious. A superb location.

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