Zion Gate

  • Zion Gate, Old City, Jerusalem

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Leads to the Jewish Quarter
TripAdvisor RatingReviewed on February 10, 2019

When you enter into the Old City through this gate, you will find yourself in the Jewish Quarter. The gate itself has some holes from previous battles.

Secure like the rest of the gates
TripAdvisor RatingReviewed on January 20, 2019

I suppose bullet holes are indicative of unsafe occurrences/times, but currently, Zion Gate is safe--as are all the gates, for that matter, as we used them all during our few days in Jerusalem/staying in the Old City and never had any problems. Most convenient gate to use to access King David's Tomb.

Jewish Quarter
TripAdvisor RatingReviewed on January 9, 2019

Deemed to be a safe gate ,one is still astounded by all the bullet holes from previous conflicts. A beautiful walk back to the Jaffa Gate with stunning views towards Yemen Moshe Be careful of taxis using the route.