Bach in Jerusalem Festival 2023

Bach in Jerusalem Festival 2023

Following the success of the Bach in Jerusalem Festival in 2016-2020, the festival will take place once again this year in selected institutions around Jerusalem.  The event is joining Jerusalem to leading cities all other the world in celebration of one of the most renowned composers in the history of music. The guests of the festival will enjoy an unprecedented amount of orchestral and chamber concerts, master classes, an international symposium, and even a unique event of listening to music and tasting gourmet dishes blindfolded – a multisensory experience! The Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra initiated and produced the festival, and David Shemer artistically directed it. Most events will take place at the Jerusalem YMCA, Brigham Young University, and other selected locations. Additionally, some central pieces will be performed in Haifa and Tel Aviv.

Bach Festival 2023 Highlights

Main Concert: Mass in B- minor

One of the greatest works of the Baroque period, and of the Classical music in general - the four-part mass, the ultimate masterpiece of the legendary composer, completed and pieced together only in his final years. This is a spectacular polyphonic work that has so far not been surpassed, including thrilling parts performed by a double choir and an orchestra that includes organ, Timpani, all kinds of wind and string instruments, and more – a spectacular group of musicians who have come together to perform a monumental piece. The mass will be performed first in Tel Aviv (Zucker Hall in the Hall of Culture) and Haifa (Rappaport Hall) and will arrive for a final and festive performance in Jerusalem. When? Sunday, March 19th, 20:00 Where? YMCA International Auditorium

"Rural Bach and Urban Bach" - The Peasants Cantata

A unique combination of religious and secular music – theatricality alongside religiosity, notable dances, and exciting arias, urban music along that of the village, a unique mix of Bach and Telemann's works in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Performed by Nour Darwish (soprano), Lidor Mesika (bass), and soloists of the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra. When? Wednesday, March 22nd, 20:00 Where? International YMCA (Convention Hall).

"I'll Be Bach!" - an autobiographical musical show for the whole family

Enjoy a unique show suitable for every age that brings together classical music and a hilarious circus show. An awkward stage worker tries hard to be helpful but only gets in the way. The sheet music gets all mixed up, the stewards go wild and the electric wires go loose. Who comes to save the day? Johann Sebastian Bach himself! We get to know the person and open up to an unforgettable experience of classical music even for those who are not accustomed to it. When? March 23rd, 16:00 Where? International YMCA (Convention Hall).

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