Discover Jerusalem with The Post Hostel Tour Series

Discover Jerusalem with The Post Hostel Tour Series

The Post Hostel offers new and exciting tours around Jerusalem for hostel guests and for everyone who wants to learn, know, and see more of Jerusalem. This tour series takes you to the most important Jewish sites and explores unique Jewish neighborhoods that can be found only in Jerusalem.

Holy City Walk

Make the most of your morning and avoid the crowds while visiting key sites of Jerusalem:

Al Aqsa Mosque & the Dome of the Rock (known as the temple mount)

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre & the most meaningful sites of the Via Dolorosa

The Western or Wailing Wall

And many others...

Tour the four quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem. get inspired by its amazing history, and the entwined and multi-layered culture.

Experience the local traditions firsthand with the help of a qualified local tour guide.

When?- Every Monday.

09:00 AM.

Meeting point: the Post hostel lobby.

Cost -

For our guests - 100 NIS (plus VAT) For a guest who isn't staying with us - 130 NIS (VAT included)

The prices include the entrance fee.

The tour is conducted in Simple English and in small groups.

Dress code - modesty is highly important. Women: Long sleeves, maxi skirts or dresses, no flip-flops, and short trousers for men.

Mea Shearim Tour

Discover Mea Shearim - one of Jerusalem's most guarded religious neighborhoods! This 2-hour free walking tour of the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood takes you through the dynamic residential neighborhood of Mea She'arim. The tour will also explore the diverse neighborhood of Musrara and its picturesque alleyways. The tour will end with a taste of old Poland in a European-Jewish style bakery. When: Sundays & Fridays at 11 AM. In-house guests: 50 NIS per person. External participants: 90 NIS per person. Dress code: dress modestly.

Western Wall Tour

Experience the powerful feeling of welcoming in the Shabbat, the Jewish weekly holiday, at one of the world's most sacred and visited places – the Western Wall. When: Fridays at 6 PM In-house guests: Free! External participants: 90 NIS per person. Dress code: dress modestly

Mount of Olives Tour

Enjoy an unforgettable Saturday afternoon exploring the Mount of Olives! Explore Mount of Olives - a very important site for Jews, Christians and Muslims - with this fascinating 3-hour tour!  Head up the mountain and visit the important churches; see ancient sites and walk past the oldest organized cemetery in the world. While at the highest point in Jerusalem, enjoy the iconic view of the city from the top of the Mount of Olives. When: Wednesdays & Saturdays at 2 PM. In-house guests: 50 NIS per person. External participants: 90 NIS per person. Dress code: dress modestly

West Side Story: Food Walk

Enjoy Jerusalem's rich culture by tasting its delicious foods with this unique tour. The tour includes:
  • 5 different dishes at 5 different places
  • Hear about the delicious and unique food culture of Jerusalem
  • Get great dinning recommendations and advice for your visit in the Holy City
  • Explore the new city of Jerusalem with a licensed tour guide
Walk through the important landmarks of the city such as the Russian compound, the original parliament building, the Mahane Yehuda food market and more. We will visit Ben Yehuda, Nahlaot and Rehavia neighborhoods and hear fascinating stories of the hidden sites you will not find in a regular guidebook. When: Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays at 2:30 PM. Cost: 125 NIS per person.

About the Dress Code

Since these tours are taking place in religious environments, modesty is key! This includes long sleeves for women, no tank tops, long trousers for men, long dresses or skirts for women. Women should consider bringing a scarf or shawl.
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