Hutzot Hayotzer Fair 2024

Hutzot Hayotzer Fair 2024

The fair features live performances and an exhibition of Israeli art featuring over 150 artists who create paintings, prints, ceramics, goldsmiths and jewelry, weaving and textiles, Judaica, toys, mixed technique art, woodwork and more.

The International Festival of Outdoor Arts takes place at the Hutzot Hayotzer complex and the Sultan's Pool, across from the Tower of David and at the foot of the Old City walls. The fair has been held for four decades, and has become a tradition in Jerusalem and the biggest tourist and artistic attraction during the summer. 

The festival, produced by the Ariel Municipal Society, hosts an exhibition of Israeli arts featuring over 150 artists, including paintings, prints, ceramics, goldsmiths and jewelry, weaving and textiles, Judaica, toys, mixed technique arts, woodwork and more.
The festival also hosts countless artists from abroad, who present their works as part of an international exhibition that includes authentic art. The exhibitions aim to demonstrate the creative process of their work. 
Outdoor artists, painters, sculptors, ceramicists, calligraphers, leatherworkers, weavers, embroiderers and goldsmiths are also taking part in the event. Guest artists will participate as well and join a fascinating dialogue of art and art in front of the audience, combined with music, a European carnival atmosphere, live jazz music, creative artists, an Irish pub corner and giant sculptures.

The festival is open every evening (except Friday) from 18:00 to 23:00 and on Saturday night from 21:00 to midnight, in the Hutzot Hayotzer compound, the Mitchell Garden and at the Merrill Hassenfeld Amphitheatre in the Sultan's Pool.

Outdoor Festival Events 2023

Central stage at the Sultan's Pool
Performances by the best Israeli artists. The events will take place on the main stage at the Sultan's Pool every evening starting at 21:00 (and on Saturday night at 22:00):
August 7th, Monday - Shlomi Shabbat and Moshe Peretz – "Close" – a Joint show
August 8th, Tuesday - Rita hosts Shiri Mimon 
August 9th , Wednesday - Agam Buhbut, Static – 2 separate shows
August 10th, Thursday - Hatikva 6, Yaldei Hachutz - 2 Separate shows
August 12th – Saturday - Nasreen Qadri, Sarit Hadad – 2 Separate shows
August 13th – Sunday - Odeya, Avi Aburomi - 2 Separate Shows
August 14th  – Monday – Eden Ben Zaken, Osher Cohen – 2 separate shows
August 15th – Tuesday – Shalom Hanoch, Berry Sakharof – 2 separate shows
August 16th – Wednesday – Ehud Banai, Aviv Geffen -2 Separate shows
August 17th-Thursday - Subliminal Ve'hatzel
August 19th – Saturday -Idan Amedi hosts Jasmin Moallem

What to expect from the fairs?

Join a summer celebration with the best street art installations, including a huge inflatables complex by curator Yara Sachs in collaboration with Air production that will transform the open space of the Sultan's pool in Jerusalem into a complex of monsters and magical creatures. In the exhibition you’ll see the works of 12 talented graffiti artists and illustrators, transformed into three-dimensional works.
Visitors of all ages will enjoy a stroll around the Sultan's pool and exposure to dozens of giant inflatables of different styles, turning the visit into an immersive and inspiring experience. In addition, you can enjoy colorful visual displays and optical illusions by Anna Kogan – creator of graffiti, murals and floor paintings.

The children's complex of Hutzot Hayotzer will also return this year and present the musical show "Everything is Golden" that will include favorite songs and classics from the National Theater for Children and Youth (two sessions a day: 18:30 and 19:30, duration: 90 minutes). 
Additionally, children will enjoy various activities stalls: braids, makeup, tattoos, amusing field figures and more.
The entrance to the children's complex is from the Mitchell Garden (art stalls area) and Shvil Ha'hurshah jerusalem (signage on the site). No pre-registration required. Entrance to the complex is free of charge, the stall activities are offered for a symbolic fee.

Would you like something to eat? This year, too, you can enjoy the great service and menu of Cafe Tav that combines the experience of sitting in a cafe with a musical performance. The culinary complex also returns with the best street food stalls Jerusalem has to offer. All stalls are kosher.
This year's festival will exhibit 150 artists from Israel and around the world who specializes in creating paintings, ceramics, goldsmiths and jewelry, weaving and textiles, Judaica, toys, mixed-technique art, woodwork and more.

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Photos by Mel Brickman, Ilan Bashur, Zoharon, Eldad Refaeli, Guy Kushi, Riv Fein

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  • Entrance to the fair only: 30 NIS
  • Entrance to the fair + shows: 129 NIS
  • Yerushalmi Card holders: Fair + Show - 79 NIS

Location: Hutzot Hayotzer, Mitchell Park and the Merrill Hassenfeld Amphitheater at the Sultan's Pool


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