Jerusalem Arts Festival 2024

Jerusalem Arts Festival 2024

Around 35 plays, dance shows, and concerts by professional and semi-professional artists will take place throughout one week at the city's major concert halls and theaters.

Jerusalem Theater features free performances every evening before and after the main concerts of the day.

Through its promotion and encouragement of a wide range of performance disciplines, the Jerusalem Arts Festival allows the public to attend quality shows at affordable prices. The festival, which has been produced annually by the Culture and Arts Department of the Jerusalem Municipality since 2002, has become a cultural tradition in the city, with hundreds of artists participating in dozens of performances. It was a personal initiative of the late Ofer Maliach, who will be honored during a special memorial evening.

Notable Events

A Simple Protest Song – an Opening Event

A special show that opens the Jerusalem Arts Festival 2022, honoring the Israeli protest songs and anthems that shed light over various periods and the outbreaks and protests that took place in those years. Different social revolutions have shaped the Israeli society to what it is today: from the Black Panthers protest, first created in 1971 in Jerusalem and to those happening these days. The show presents the differences and complexities of the unique Israeli Nation, presented fully in Jerusalem – the contrast between East and West, traditional and modern and more. The protest songs and anthems will be performed by renowned artists, including: Avner Gadasi, Eden Darso, Eraz Tzur and Carolina, accompanied by a special group of musicians who were gathered specifically for this night, directed and conducted by Elad Levi. When? May 30th, 8:30 PM Where? Beit Ha’am Cost: 60 NIS (pre-sale) Purchase Tickets >>

Dance show – How far? Hasta Donde?

The winner of “Alicia Alonso” 2012. The show seeks to answer the question how far will we go in the journey toward ourselves? This special evening exposes the viewers to a special Connect Technique, based on the desire of all the dancers to give themselves towards their inner wishes while seeking their own limits. The show aims to explore the question: How far can we go while we making the most of our ability to move as one and a whole. When? May 31st, 8:30 PM. Where? Ha’Parsa Cost: 70 NIS Purchase Tickets >>

Urban Pulse – Concluding Show

A special art show directed by Berchi Lefshitz, produced by Reuven Leitush and the Music Department of the Jerusalem Culture and Arts office. This event is devoted to the establishment of the Campus of the Arts Schools, aimed to be a bridge between the students of various crafts (Eastern Music, Acting and Visual Theater, and Cinema) and the neighborhoods of the city. The works to be presented at the compound are meant to break boundaries, bring up important issues and create a movement of artistry and an ability to self-reflect to benefit the whole city. When? June 3rd, Noon to 3:30 PM Where? Nissan Nativ Jerusalem School of Acting, Gerard Bachar Complex, 3 Menora Street. The entrance is free of charge

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