Manofim - Contemporary Art Festival 2023

Manofim - Contemporary Art Festival 2023

As the flagship event of Jerusalem's contemporary art scene, Manofim is also the kickoff event of the city’s exhibition season. This independent initiative takes place in the fall and was created and is directed by a group of Jerusalem-based artists

Manofim Week is held at the beginning of the academic year. During the gala opening night, exhibition openings are held in art venues throughout the city and free shuttle buses transport visitors between locations.

Throughout the week, multidisciplinary art events take place in Talpiot, the city outskirts, Mishkenot Shaananim, Jaffa Street, east Jerusalem, Musrara and Nachlaot.

And once again, the festival will culminate with "Spiral Canon" at Binyan Clal, where local choirs will perform in a myriad of languages, "transforming the commercial center's balconies into a polyphonic dialogue."


The project partners include all the contemporary art venues in Jerusalem, independent artist groups, cultural institutions and artists from various disciplines – all of whom work hard in order to continue creating, renewing and making their lives in Jerusalem.

Project objectives

The objectives of this project are to:

  • Expose the contemporary art scene in Jerusalem to diverse crowds
  • Strengthen and empower Jerusalem’s artists
  • Encourage new creations
  • Generate discourse between artists
  • Facilitate the accessibility of culture and art to residents and visitors
  • Connect the eastern and western sides of the city through art


Where: Every evening in a different neighborhood Festival website >>

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Photos: Courtesy of Manofim

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