Muslim Quarter Tour - 2018

Muslim Quarter Tour - 2018

The Muslims reigned in Jerusalem for hundreds of years. The influence of the Muslim religion and culture is apparent all over the Old City. The Muslim Quarter is the largest of the four quarters of the Old City and it holds many important sites including an impressive open door market (the shuk) which is accessible from a few of the gates.

On this tour you will enter through Damascus Gate into the heart of the Muslim Quarter, visit Christian sites, see the full size of the Temple Mount, visit the Small Kotel and learn about buildings from different Islamic periods.

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About the municipality’s free Saturday tours

All of the municipality’s free tours meet on Saturday at 10:00am in Safra Square (26 Yaffo Street), near the palm trees. They are given in English unless otherwise specified, are a medium level of difficulty and without Shabbat desecration.

The routes are subject to change.

All tours are given by licensed guides and take place in all weather conditions.

The tours are suitable for indiviuals and not for groups. Groups can reserve a guide through the Jerusalem Development Authority.

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