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Bagel Café

Bagel Café

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Bagel Café is a certified Mehadrin Kosher Café, located in the heart of the German Colony in Jerusalem. The café also serves as a restaurant and dairy delicatessen that also offers take-out and catering.

Our special Jerusalem atmosphere

Like to eat out? Want to sit with friends or with your partner for coffee and some treats, to schmooze and relax without a worry? When we go out for coffee, we are looking for a place with a special atmosphere. A cozy atmosphere that leaves a pleasant feeling.

We offer delicious homemade dishes, made from scratch, using only the finest quality ingredients. It's an inviting home-like atmosphere suitable for families, couples and singles – everyone is welcome! Feel free to eat here or at home; whichever suits you.

Bagel Cafe is located in the German colony, a lively and artistic area. In order to make every individual feel comfortable, we have designed the café to be accessible to those with disabilities. Inasmuch, our seating area is widely spread out making seating arrangements flexible. In addition, we have a variety of comfortable chairs, spacious sofas, and wide booths. (Handicap accessible entrance.)

The secret of the bagel

The way the bagel is prepared is by itself a huge world of understanding . There are secrets that cannot be revealed. You will feel our secret immediately when you bite into it, and until you taste it you will not be able to understand. Our bagel is a true authentic bagel. It is produced using traditional American bagel-baking techniques, with no shortcuts. At Bagel Café, the bagels are hand baked onsite, and are not brought in from the outside. They will never be sitting on a counter for hours. We do not use any industrial machinery or have an assembly line. We bake every bagel with our own hands, with much love.

Don't forget about the spreads

Wait, hold on a second. Before you grab a bagel that just came out of the oven, you need to decide what to spread on it. If you are anyway going for the highest quality bagel out there, you may as well invest in some very worthwhile fresh spreads – those are homemade by us as well.

So what do you want to schmeer on your bagel? Our selection is enormous. You can choose between cheeses (including, but not limited to, cream cheese, lox spread, or feta with eggplant), and various salads (such as fresh egg salad or guacamole). How about some fish? We offe r you a wide a variety of selections from the sea (like tuna, pickled herring, or white trout spread. Just decide.

Why bagels?

There are two kinds of people in the world – those who love bagels and those who go nuts over them. The bagel is perfectly round; hard on the outside, soft on the inside. It lovingly takes in every spread, whether it be sweet or savory. It is suitable for any meal -- breakfast, lunch or dinner, or just a snack in between. It is never a bore and always possible to change up more and more. On the one hand it is light and fun, and on the other hand satisfying and healthy. The bagel is the ultimate meal.

As such, you probably already understand. Until you taste our real authentic bagel, you won't know what you've been missing out on. We invite you to indulge yourself in our most exciting offerings. We know it will be your favorite and we will prepare for you with love.

Take-away and deliveries

At the entrance of our café is our unique fresh delicatessen counter, within it our best salads, cheeses and fish selections, all available for sale in bulk. At the delicateesen we prepare your sandwiches individually, according to your personal preferences and tastes. In addition, you can order from a wide variety of items on our extensive menu to take with you. We offer these services over the phone as well, and all your food will be brought to your door by our delivery service, hot and tasty. We will happy to assist you. To order, please call us at 02-587-7877.


Congratulations! Having an event? A birthday? Bar/Bat Mitzvah? Brit? Hosting a Kiddush at shul? Do you want to bring in platters for a meeting at work? Bagel Café also does catering. Our catering menu includes decorative platters and light dishes, fresh and delicious, and all homemade by us right here. The catering menu is based on the Bagel Café menu and includes fish, cheeses, spreads, salads, pastas, and it goes without saying, freshly baked bagels. The menu includes our signature dishes all specially tailored to your needs and preferences. We are glad to help you with special requests. Want to order? Call us 02-587-7877 and help you get setup, making sure that your guests are pleased.

Customer service is our top priority

We like to go with the flow – so whatever works for you. Want to go out to eat? Take a seat in our café. You are welcome here anytime. Prefer to take something with you to eat at home? Let us pack something for you at the delicatessen counter. Looking to serve guests? Let us do the work so you can relax and enjoy yourself. We do catering. All of our services include a wide variety of tasty dishes, made fresh on our premises.

Bagel café offers catering in Jerusalem for a wide array of occasions and events:

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

  • Shabbat Chatan/Kallah/Aufruf

  • Brit

  • Sheva Brachot

  • Workplace meetings

  • Shiva houses

Membership club

What offers do club members receive?

  • 10% off every purchase

  • Birthday: 15% discount during the whole month of your birthday

  • Birthday gift: one of our exclusive desserts on your special day itself.

  • Anniversary gift: A bottle of wine for you, on the house, in honor of that special moment.

  • Various special offers on Fridays and exclusive deals for holidays and other special days of the year

  • Subscription to our newsletter

  • Interested in joining? Send us an email or ask one of our team members.

Additional Information

Bagel Café is certified Mehadrin Kosher. For reservations dial 072-371-3898.
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Basé sur 185 avis de voyageurs
  • Meir Merran
    Meir Merran
    9 novembre 2022

    Très bon super espace pour mange est pour travailler

  • Stéphane Béguin
    Stéphane Béguin
    5 avril 2022

    Bien servi, belles portions, chouette terrasse. Cool.

  • Mickey Levi
    Mickey Levi
    18 août 2023

    Expérience incroyable au BAGEL CAFE Nous sommes venus pour le petit déjeuner et nous avons été très satisfaits. L'atmosphère du restaurant est agréable et accueillante, le design avec des éléments naturels et simples crée...

  • Oscar Abraham
    Oscar Abraham
    16 juin 2023

    J'étais elle pour le brunch. Très bonne nourriture. J'étais nouveau ici donc j'ai trop commandé ! J'en ai pris chez moi. La salade en Israël a meilleur goût qu'aux États-Unis. Recommandé.

  • הדר עסילה
    הדר עסילה
    5 janvier 2023

    Un bel endroit au coeur du quartier Possibilité de bagels Salades auto-assemblées Une variété de pâtes à tartiner. Fromage Frais. Choisissez un bagel et mettez ce que vous voulez. Patate douce, poivrons rôtis, crème de pe...

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  • calendar iconSun-Thurs from 6:30 am until the last customerFri and holiday eves from 6:30 am until an hour Shabbat/holiday Sat and holidays from 1 hour after Shabbat/holiday until the last customer
  • address iconHaKeren HaKayemet Le-Israel St 31, Jerusalem, 9242834, Israël
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Plus d'informations
  • calendar iconSun-Thurs from 6:30 am until the last customerFri and holiday eves from 6:30 am until an hour Shabbat/holiday Sat and holidays from 1 hour after Shabbat/holiday until the last customer
  • address iconHaKeren HaKayemet Le-Israel St 31, Jerusalem, 9242834, Israël
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