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Bistro de musique Birman

  • 8, Rue Dorot Rishonim, Jérusalem
  • Photo: Bistro de musique Birman
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Music is great. Beer is good. Smoking is awful
Evaluation TripAdvisorMis à jour le June 20, 2021

Really love the music - particularly the style which borders on improv. Feels like musicians just show up to play a set. Would love to see actual Jazz improv. Beer is ok. There is way too much smoking which spoils the experience a lot. (Really need a non-smoking section)

Nice but pretty spartan
Evaluation TripAdvisorMis à jour le July 14, 2019

Birman is a nice place to have a beer in a spartan atmosphere with nice and friendly people, simple outdated design, plastic beer cups and no air conditioned area. If you ordering a watermelon ask if it's cold (we had a warm one which is less enjoyable)

Coolest bar in the area!
Evaluation TripAdvisorMis à jour le July 1, 2019

great bar on pleasant side-street, good music, super laid back, the boss who looks like he's just landed from Ibiza roams around with a benevolent eye on his patrons, a really good place for an evening drink.