Maison Brûlée (Katros House)

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Burnt House
Evaluation TripAdvisorMis à jour le September 26, 2019

It was a short tour with only one room containing an excavation along with some descriptions. There was also a short movie of a re-enactment that was very interesting and helped to explain the history of the Old City and in particular the hosue itself.

Short and interesting
Evaluation TripAdvisorMis à jour le August 25, 2019

The visit was about half an hour. There are a few artifacts discovered there and a movie which explains the story of a family in the time of the second temple.

air conditioned small re-enactment within Jewish quarter
Evaluation TripAdvisorMis à jour le July 29, 2019

The air conditioning was wonderfully refreshing. The simulated story with narration was a bit cheesy but gave context to the history of the area. More entertaining for kids than just looking at archaeological findings.