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Bezalel would cringe
דירוגים של TripAdvisorחוות הדעת נכתבה ב April 30, 2018

The Atists' House and museum had as its current displays a series of what many treat as "modern, expressive art". To us this was an all too familiar example of politically sodden "art" devoid of meaningful technique and honesty. To be avoided.

Exhibition of water colors by Marek Yonai
דירוגים של TripAdvisorחוות הדעת נכתבה ב April 2, 2016

A very good exhibition of the water color portraits by Marek is shown now until April 30. It also shows a video how the master work is performed.

Molto attiva
דירוגים של TripAdvisorחוות הדעת נכתבה ב December 14, 2016

Costruita alla fine dell'Ottocento da Effendi Abu Shaker in stile ottomano con influssi europei, è passata nel 1906 alla Bezalel Art School. Adesso è parte del Dipartimento di Architettura e ospita diverse iniziative di tipo culturale aperte a tutti. Grande attività e di notevole livello.