Quattro Sinagoge sefaradite

  • Mishmarot HaKehuna St, Jerusalem
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Great for destination barmitzvah
Valutazione di TripAdvisorRivisto il August 28, 2018

We went to a friend's son's barmitzvah in Jerusalem in June 2018. The ceremony took place in only one of the halls which seat at a guess around 100 people plus a ladies section upstairs.

good decor
Valutazione di TripAdvisorRivisto il May 7, 2018

different from ashkenazi synagouges . the men section is downstairs and upstairs is female section is upstairs ..

One of the pearls of Jewish Quarter
Valutazione di TripAdvisorRivisto il February 17, 2017

The synagogues are in their full glory now after resurrecting in 1967. It was interesting to visit them and to see the difference in layout in comparison to Ashkenazi synagogues - the central stage surrounded by seats. All four of them have interesting history and our guide was elaborating on that to us.