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Coffee Bagel Gerusalemme

  • 18 Tifereth Israel St, Jewish Quarter, The Old City, Jerusalem
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    Downtown Coffee Destination
    Valutazione di TripAdvisorRivisto il March 29, 2020

    Well, I really wanted a delicious hot coffee to warm me from the cold, windy day we were experiencing. This was it! The bakery items smelled delightful, but the coffee had my attention this time!

    the best smelling bakery
    Valutazione di TripAdvisorRivisto il June 9, 2019

    did you went ever near of a bakery? never ever have a better smell of fresh made breads and cookies. Sweets and spicey, black cumin and cardamom.

    Best Dairy
    Valutazione di TripAdvisorRivisto il June 4, 2019

    Best dairy restaurant in the old city. The bagels are beyond fresh and customer service was sweet and attentive.