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Christian sites off the beaten path

By Jon Davidson

By Jon Davidson

// Jerusalem Local

By Jon Davidson

Jon’s first pilgrimage to Jerusalem was in 2013. He spent the first year of living in this historic city acclimating to the culture, studying his Bible, and exploring Christian sites. He shortly realized that most of where he step...

My favorite Christian places 

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! May all who love this city prosper!” (Psalm 122:6)

I am sharing here my favorite places to visit as a Christian, other than the must see's such as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and sites at Mount Olives. I recommend you start from Jaffa gate, enter the Old City to visit the Church of Christ which is 100 meter walk, and afterwhich continue via the Christian Quarter to the Garden Tomb. From here you can take a short break at the city center and a visit at the FOZ museum. An approx. 15min taxi ride will take you to Succat Hallel to sum up your half day visit in Jerusalem.  Alternativly, you can initiate your day at Succat Hallel and follow up by visiting the Christian landmarks of the Old City. 

Christ Church of Jerusalem (CCJ)

CCJ is a place of Christian worship in the heart of Jerusalem. It is the oldest Protestant community in the Middle East, celebrating the Jewish context of the Gospel. In addition to the many Christian worship services they provide, they have a free museum open seven days a week, a coffee shop, a peaceful garden, and rooms offered at a modest price for travelers. 
Mass and opening times please click here  

Garden Tomb

The Garden Tomb is a wonderful place of Christian contemplation. It is located just outside the Old City of Jerusalem and is a possible location for the crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. There is a beautiful garden, an ancient winepress, a hill identified possibly as Golgotha, and most importantly an empty tomb! 

Friends of Zion (FOZ)

FOZ is a museum about the re-establishment of Israel in fulfillment of biblical prophecy. It gives a unique interactive experience that tells the stories of Jews and non-Jews who together realized the dream of a Jewish national home.   Click here for discounted tickets to the FOZ Museum 

Succat Hallel 

Succat Hallel (Hebrew for Tent of Praise) is a remarkable place for Christian prayer that overlooks the Temple Mount. It is a place where Christians from all over the world come together to stand as “watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem” to intercede on behalf of the nation.  Click here for more info and prayer times

Recommended Itinerary for Your Visit