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Jlm CityPass: Frequently Asked Questions

JLM CityPass Benefits

What are the main benefits of The JLM CityPass?
JLM CityPass includes unlimited rides on local public transportation (bus, light rail) for one week, one round trip one bus ride from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion International Airport, entrance to three top tourist attractions throughout Jerusalem, and other benefits and discounts for many restaurant and shops.

How much can I save with The JLM CityPass?
You will save at least 25%

Does The JLM CityPass come with a guidebook?
Yes, the card comes with a map and information about all of the city’s leading sites and directions.

Is there any benefit in buying the JLM CityPass now?
Ordering the JLM CityPass pre-arrival will assure that the card will be waiting for you at the SMILE station at Ben Gurion airport upon the time of your arrival, or at the information truck, as you specify in your order.

General Questions About JLM CityPass

How does The JLM CityPass work?

In order to purchase the card, you will need to go to our website and choose the right JLM CityPass  option for you. After choosing your JLM CityPass you will be asked to fill in a form with your personal details and CityPass pick-up location details. After that you’ll complete the purchase on the Secure Payment page

Important info:

  • When you select your CityPass pick-up location, you can open a direction page to the exact location of the collection point.
  • After purchase, we recommend planning your visit. Some sites need to be booked in advance.
  • If you purchased a CityPass including transportation, validity of the CityPass is at the collection point and is for 7 days.
  • The entrances to sites and attractions are valid for 7 days from the first entrance.

Is the transport limited to certain hours of the day?
For more info on public transportation working hours to help you better plan your trip, please go to the following links:
Operating hours egged bus
Israel Railways
JLM light rail

**Please note that in Israel opening days are between 5 AM – 01 AM weekdays Sunday-Friday and starts again from Saturday 60 minutes upon the conclusion of Sabbath.

Who can I contact if I still have questions about JLM CityPass?
You can contact SMILE by
email: citypassjerusalem@israeltravel.co.il
Or by
phone: +972-1800-230020 (working hours: Sunday-Thursday 09:00 am – 05:00 pm).

Purchasing JLM CityPass

How do I purchase my JLM CityPass?

After selecting the CityPass of your choice, you will need to go to the payment point or to the web page to fill in the form (all of your details and requested pick-up location)
After payment you will receive voucher via email.You will need to show this voucher to receive your card. If you have not received an email, please contact us by email:

If I order online how do I receive The JLM CityPass?
At the payment point, you will be asked to select a pick-up location. To receive the card, you will need to hand in the voucher you received by email.

Can I buy The JLM CityPass when I am in Jerusalem?
JLM Plus CityPass & JLM Cultural CityPass can be purchased at Tsahal Square

Why haven’t I received my email confirmation?
If you have not received a confirmation email, please contact us by e-mail:

JLM CityPass Validity

How long is the JLM CityPass valid for?
JLM CityPass is valid for 7 days including the first day of use. The CityPass must be validated  at Ben Gurion airport or at Tsahal Square before entering any public transportation or attraction.

What happens if I change the date of my trip to Jerusalem?
If you change your arrival time, please update us by e-mail:

What happens If I lose the my JLM CityPass card?
Please try not lose the CityPass card. This card cannot be canceled and there is no refund for CityPass card loss.

Attractions Included in JLM CityPass

Where can I use The JLM CityPass? Which attractions are included?
You can view the attractions that are included in the JLM CityPass by clicking here
Please note that ZUZU Tourism and The Emek Tzurim National Park are not included in entry to three attractions.

Can I visit the same attraction twice with my JLM CityPass?
JLM CityPass includes entrance to three top tourist attractions throughout JLM. You can get a discount for re-entering the same attraction.