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Restaurants in Jerusalem

In Jerusalem, we say that you come for the hummus, but stay for the incredibly diverse dining scene. From traditional Middle Eastern and North African to South American, Asian fusion, and continental European cuisine; from street food to fine dining, Jerusalem’s got it all.

Check out our comprehensive restaurant listings to find your Jerusalem dining destination!

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  • 19 Salah ad Din, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

Eldorado in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City serves cafe fare. Read more

  • 11 Shlomo HaMelech St, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

Mamilla Hotel lobby is known for the tempting aroma that wafts from the direction of the Espresso Bar that... Read more

  • Square Muristan, Christian Quarter, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

Everest is located in the Moristan Sqaure, which is the heart of the Christian Quarter. It serves Middle Eastern... Read more

  • 2 Haarmonim St, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

  Fortuna Steakhouse is a relatively new steakhouse opened by Chef Eyal Vaknin, a skillful cook with deep knowledge... Read more

  • 7 Ben Shatah St, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

  Gabriel is a gourmet chef restaurant situated in an exquisite, renovated Jerusalem stone building. The restaurant is divided... Read more

  • 3 Rivlin St, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

  Gent Bistro Bar offers comfortable couches sprawling onto the pavement and as such is a relaxed place to... Read more

  • 124 Muristan Rd, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

Located in the the heart of the Christian quarter, Geos offers traditional Middle Eastern dishes amidst the captivating atmosphere... Read more

  • 16 Shuk Hakatzavim Rd, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

Abu Taher serves Mediterranean fare in the Old City. Read more

  • 2 Haneviim St, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

  Hummus Acramawi, opposite Damascus Gate in the Old City, is another crowd favorite and is known for its... Read more

  • 174 el wad hagai St, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

Albarek is a home cooking meat restaurant offering middle eastern dishes. Albarek is located next to the entrance of... Read more

  • 149 Agripas St, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

Named after a finjan, which is a small pot used to serve Turkish coffee, Hafinjan is a homey Mizrahi... Read more

  • Hativat Etsyoni Rd, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

A restaurant, banquet hall and caterer with a Mediterranean-inspired menu and incredible views located just outside the Old City... Read more

  • 55 Beit Habad St, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

Al Nasser in the Old City serves local, Israeli food. Read more

  • 9 Shamai St, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

For those who wish to experience Jerusalem through its street food, Hasabichiya on Shamai Street is a great option.... Read more

  • Maalot E-Khanka, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

Amigo Emil serve affordable Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and continental fare in the Old City. Read more

  • Muristan Street, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

Andelus serves authentic Middle Eastern fare in the Muristan in the Old City.  So, if you stroll the local... Read more

  • 9 Heleni Hamalka St, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

Hess restaurant serves up delicious deli and sandwich treats as well as premium cuts of pastrami, veal, corned beef,... Read more

  • 34 Jaffa St, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

  Established in Jerusalem in 1999, Holy Bagel is Israel’s top American-style bagel chain, serving up a variety of... Read more

  • 5 Tiferet Israel St, Jewish Quarter, The Old City, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

  Holy Bagel in the Old City offer a variety of fresh bagels with delicious fillings. Read more

  • 24 Hillel St, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

Iwo’s Meat Burger is a premium fast-food stand downtown, on Hillel Street, offering a diverse range of grilled meat... Read more