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Restaurants in Ein Karem

Jerusalem’s Ein Karem neighborhood is more than just an idyllic village. Restaurants in Ein Karem are some of the best in the city with some of the most spectacular views. Check out Mala Bistro, Karma or Brasserie for an amazing dining experience.

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Sweet Ein Karem Café

Sweet Ein Karem cafe offers a healthy and delicious dairy kosher menu with a beautiful view of the Jerusalem Mountains. Read more

  • 15 Hama'ayan St, Ein Karem, Jerusalem
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Located in the heart of Ein Karem, this charming 2-story, Mediterranean-style bistro has some of the best food and views in Read more

  • 74 EIn Karem St, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

Located atop the hill in a building reminiscent of a castle, Karma boasts an amazing view of the area Read more

Ein Karem Inn
  • 9 Hamaayan St, Ein Karem, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

Housed in a historical Spanish building, Ein Karem Inn restaurant boasts an impressive property Read more

Mala Bistro
  • 1 HaMa'ayan, Ein Karem, Jerusalem
  • Price <<<<

Jerusalem-style dishes in an ancient building within the enchanted Ein Karem neighborhood. Read more