Mediterranean Restaurants in Jerusalem

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  • 5 Ha-Eshkol St, Jerusalem
  • Price $$$$

One of Jerusalem's most treasured home cooking establishments Read more

  • 36 Keren Hayesod St, Jerusalem
  • Price $$$$

A stylish chef restaurant with an eclectic Mediterranean-flavored menu Read more

  • 5 Ben Shetach St, Jerusalem
  • Price $$$$

An American diner-inspired restaurant in the heart of downtown Jerusalem Read more

  • 2 David Remez St, Jerusalem
  • Price $$$$

Fresh and healthy Mediterranean cuisine in a market-inspired atmosphere Read more

  • 2 Rachel Imenu St, Jerusalem
  • Price $$$$

Roza is a favorite of local Jerusalemites with several branches around the city Read more

A Mediterranean-style chef restaurant in a renovated historic building overlooking the Old City walls. Read more

  • 79 Armenian Patriarchate Rd, Jerusalem
  • Price $$$$

Since its opening in 1994, the Armenian Tavern restaurant has been serving up the same tasty, authentic fare. But... Read more

  • 14 Hativat Yerushalayim St, Jerusalem
  • Price $$$$

Located in the city’s artist colony (Hutzot Hayotzer), a 2-3 minute walk from Jaffa Gate, is a very memorable... Read more

  • 11 Beit Ya'akov St, Jerusalem
  • Price $$$$

An exuberant tapas bar with top-notch cuisine to boot Read more

  • Hapatriarchya Halatinit 18, Jerusalem
  • Price $$$$

MeatNafura is one of the places in the Old City that serves authentic Middle eastern cuisine. Read more

  • 130 Muristan, Jerusalem
  • Price $$$$

Genuine Middle Eastern food in the Christian Quarter with a beautiful view Read more

  • 18 St. Helena St, Christian Quarter, Jerusalem
  • Price $$$$

Papa Andreas is a restaurant in the Old City specializing in local Middle Eastern cuisine. Read more

  • 23 Jaffa, Jerusalem
  • Price $$$$

Samara near Jaffa Gate in the Old City serves local Middle Eastern cuisine. Read more

  • 7 Derech Beit Lehem, Jerusalem
  • Price $$$$

As trendy as it gets in Jerusalem, Colony is a lounge-bar-restaurant that serves Mediterranean-style food with plenty of fun... Read more

  • Square Muristan, Christian Quarter, Jerusalem
  • Price $$$$

Everest is located in the Moristan Sqaure, which is the heart of the Christian Quarter. It serves Middle Eastern... Read more

  • 2 Haarmonim St, Jerusalem
  • Price $$$$

  Fortuna Steakhouse is a relatively new steakhouse opened by Chef Eyal Vaknin, a skillful cook with deep knowledge... Read more

  • 124 Muristan Rd, Jerusalem
  • Price $$$$

Located in the the heart of the Christian quarter, Geos offers traditional Middle Eastern dishes amidst the captivating atmosphere... Read more

  • 16 Shuk Hakatzavim Rd, Jerusalem
  • Price $$$$

Abu Taher serves Mediterranean fare in the Old City. Read more

  • 174 el wad hagai St, Jerusalem
  • Price $$$$

Albarek is a home cooking meat restaurant offering middle eastern dishes. Albarek is located next to the entrance of... Read more

  • Muristan Street, Jerusalem
  • Price $$$$

Andelus serves authentic Middle Eastern fare in the Muristan in the Old City.  So, if you stroll the local... Read more