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  • 70 Hayehudim St, Jerusalem
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    "to see the menorah"
    TripAdvisor RatingReviewed on June 9, 2019

    this place is to remember the rights of the Bible. Miracles happened and mircles are still happening from the GRACE of our GOD

    "A reminder of the past"
    TripAdvisor RatingReviewed on February 1, 2019

    This is a full scale model of the Temple Menorah (according to some opinions) that brings you back into the Temple life. It's a bit more of education.nnWorth seeing but not worth a special trip.

    "Lovely experience!!"
    TripAdvisor RatingReviewed on January 22, 2019

    I am not from jewish culture, but, I loved to see their culture and associated blessings. I liked this holy place and infact the holy city of Jerusalem.