Sofia Italian Chef Restaurant

  • 3 Ze'ev Jabotinsky St, Jerusalem
    • Price $$$$
    • See Menu
    • Accessibility
    • Business Meals
    • Chef Restaurant
    • Free Parking
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Infant Friendly
    • Kosher
    • Reservation Needed
  • Sun-Thurs from 12:00 to 11:00 pm

TripAdvisor Reviews

TripAdvisor ReviewsBased on 83 traveler reviews
excellent light meal
TripAdvisor RatingReviewed on April 4, 2018

Sofia, in the lobby of the Inbal hotel, has a great menu and delightful service. I ordered a roots salad with smoked salmon. It was a generous serving and came with delicious passover rolls. The cheese cake and coffee were also good and the price reasonable.

TripAdvisor RatingReviewed on January 25, 2018

The restaurant is closed until May 2018 and will then reopen as a steak house. Currently it is Sofia Cafe with only light snacks like pizza, eggs, salads and sandwiches.

Great place
TripAdvisor RatingReviewed on December 25, 2017

The Inbal looks great with construction underway. The Soup Festival was delicious and so much fun we came back for breakfast. This morning's breakfast at Sophia was fantastic. Avi, the manager was just lovely and accommodating. Will be back for sure!

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