Музей Узников Подполья, Иерусалим

  • Миграш Ха-Руссим (Русское подворье), Иерусалим
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Poorly staffed...and maintained
Рейтинг TripAdvisorПросмотрено April 29, 2019

Shame that so poorly maintained. Exhibits (electronic) not functioning, brochures explaining photos out of stock . Wasted so much time trying to get things to work, then, we're told museum is closing and we've not even seen half of it. Complained about the things that weren't working etc and just received the Shrug. Shame

very good museum in the heart of Jerusalem
Рейтинг TripAdvisorПросмотрено January 15, 2019

a self-guided tour shows you the long and interesting and often sad history of this building. Many of the old holding cells are furnished with the original items.

Left too much to the imagination
Рейтинг TripAdvisorПросмотрено August 30, 2018

Not the greatest museum. Good stories to tell but really needs more engagement and detailed placards describing the experience of the prisoners. What was life like for them? We left not really learning much.