Aldo Shoes Hadar Mall

Aldo Shoes Hadar Mall

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based on 10 traveler reviews
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Aldo specializes in the design of high quality, fashionable shoes for men and women and accompanying accessories like jewelry, bags and hats. At the store branches you will find the leading trends in the world fashion arena, straight from London, Milan, Paris, New York and Tokyo while their products are created for a diverse population. At Aldo there is attention to the small details with a  focus on uniqueness and creating the perfect product.

Jerusalem Store Locations

Hadar Mall 26 Pierre Koenig Street Malha Mall 1 Agudat Sport Beitar Road, Malha Mall More stores in Hadar Mall >>
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based on 10 traveler reviews
  • TY Nesher
    TY Nesher
    December 14, 2019

    They had a sale on and i tired a few shoes on and after i found a pair i really liked it appeared that there was no sale on it. I pushed the seller to check in system and then she said yes there is 30%. Then i asked for d...

  • Hila Baruchi
    Hila Baruchi
    April 27, 2023

    About six months ago, in the month of October, I had a sandal repaired at the Hadar Mall branch in Jerusalem. To this day, the shoe has not returned to me. When I sent an email to the chain asking to handle the matter, I...

  • עקיבא ב.
    עקיבא ב.
    December 4, 2022

    I bought shoes three months ago and six days ago in the store, we will not talk about the fact that the shoes were not comfortable and I was assured that the foot would get used to it (I know the matter of the foot gettin...

  • ישי קלופמן
    ישי קלופמן
    November 6, 2022

    Terrible service!! 4 months ago I bought shoes in a store for NIS 350, after 3 months the sole fell off, a week later I came to the store and they said the warranty is only for three months!! The seller said I could leave...

  • David Yinon
    David Yinon
    July 27, 2022

    I ordered shoes in the store itself, they told me that they would arrive within a week. I received them after a month.

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  • address iconHadar Mall, General Pierre Koenig St 26, Jerusalem, Israel
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