Sandrouni Armenian Ceramics Gallery

Sandrouni Armenian Ceramics Gallery

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based on 25 traveler reviews
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Jerusalem is well known as a world center for handmade Armenian ceramics, all manufactured by the Armenian community in the Old City. The Armenian Ceramics Gallery is owned and operated by George and Dorin Sandrouni, leaders in this field of artistry. Located in the Christian Quarter, just 120 meters away from the Old City's New Gate, the Armenian Ceramics Gallery is a sure stop for these locally-manufactured, colorfully and richly designed ceramics.

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based on 25 traveler reviews
  • Chelsea Rosendahl
    Chelsea Rosendahl
    June 29, 2022

    Beautiful ceramics in the old city. We stopped here to look around and ending up having a lovely conversation with the store owner who explained his process and helped us pick out the perfect piece. We even brought my par...

  • Mariam B
    Mariam B
    October 6, 2021

    If you love ceramics and pottery, then this is the place to be! Mr. Sandrouni and his family have been in the business for several decades and have been creating the most beautiful Armenian ceramics. Please note that you...

  • Lev Vilensky
    Lev Vilensky
    February 3, 2018

    The best armenian ceramic in Jerusalem , very nice, friendly store-ceeper. You can buy very nice ceramic here!

  • Lev Lichtenstein
    Lev Lichtenstein
    August 27, 2022

    Real and unique art with deep historic roots. Talented artists. Beautiful ceramics. Must see.

  • Christina Tkachenko
    Christina Tkachenko
    February 6, 2022

    Such lovely items. Absolutely love the teacup I purchased there some years ago, can't wait to go back for more

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