Ludwig Mayer Jerusalem Bookstore

Ludwig Mayer Jerusalem Bookstore

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Jerusalem’s oldest book shop, Ludwig Mayer Jerusalem Bookstore, was founded in 1908 outside Jaffa Gate and moved to its current location on Shlomzyion Hamalka Street in the heart of downtown Jerusalem in 1936. Ludwig Mayer carries a wide range of books in English, German, French and Hebrew. The store offers specialized collections in Literature, travel, philosophy, history, Middle East Studies, Judaism, Christianity, psychology, geography, biology, law, economics, the Holocaust, linguistics, natural sciences, music and  the arts. Visitors will find a helpful, multilingual and knowledgeable staff with a wide selection of maps, travel guides and literature on Israel, the history of Zionism, and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Following a former Jerusalem tradition, the store is closed on Tuesday afternoons.
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based on 78 traveler reviews
  • Shira Peleg
    Shira Peleg
    March 26, 2021

    Definitely One of the most amazing book stores i've ever seen! The design and arrangement make me want to sit there all day and just read If you happen to be around, I highly recommend coming to the store.

  • Sebastian Hammer
    Sebastian Hammer
    June 30, 2023

    Have a GREAT selection of very unique books for reasonable prices. I got a very old book on folk tales from Nepal, lovecraft novels, and old sci-fi. It’s apparently been around for 100 years, great find!

  • Ettore Botti
    Ettore Botti
    July 15, 2022

    Ludwig Mayer is a nice bookstore with a wide selection of books in English, French and Italian. Really organized and tidy. Their bookseller was really nice, helping me finding the book I was looking for.

  • Damir Cosic
    Damir Cosic
    November 16, 2022

    Ludwig Mayer is a gem of a bookstore in everyway possible. The ambiance is old-fashioned, yet it transports you immediately to another world. It has a wide variety of books in many languages. Browsing its collection on tw...

  • Jared Levin
    Jared Levin
    July 9, 2023

    Great bookstore, has a great selection of books in English as well.

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  • address iconQueen Shlomziyon St 4, Jerusalem, Israel
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