Moria Judaica & Souvenirs

Moria Judaica & Souvenirs

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The Largest Store of Books and Religious Articles in the Old City

Located at the Jewish Quarter in the Old City, Moria is one of Jerusalem's most iconic stores in the field of Jewish literature, religious articles, jewelry, and Judaica products. Moria was established 40 years ago and has been successful ever since. It is currently the largest store for Jewish books and religious articles in the Old City. Its luxurious location at the heart of the Jewish Quarter with windows overlooking the Western Wall enhances the shopping experience and contributes to the sense of holiness and unique spirituality. All in all, Moria store is a must-see for any visitor in the Old City and Jerusalem.

The Best Collection

Moria store wishes to introduce people to the historic and spiritual richness of the Jewish world and its ancient connection to the Old City and Jerusalem. Its vision is to present ancient Jewish texts alongside their corresponding tools and implements to the local and international audiences. If you wish to understand truly the depth of the famous symbols of Jerusalem, this is the right place for you. Moria is packed with adorned Bibles in all languages with beautifully crafted covers, Psalms books in all languages, a large assortment of traditional prayer shawls (Talit), gold and silver jewelry, authentic Judaica products, mezuzhas, original Jewish music, and souvenirs of all kinds, including prayer books and products intended for children. In addition, Moria has a variety of festive products for all Jewish holidays. The store's inventory is constantly updated according to the time of the year and relevant Jewish holidays.

Personalized Services

The store offers the possibility of name engraving on Bibles and prayer books. If you're buying a Talit, you can also add name embroidery, making it personal and unique. In addition, you can meet a Sofer ST"M at the store who would love to choose a Bible verse that suites you and copy it in beautiful hand writing to a genuine parchment using a feather.
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based on 48 traveler reviews
  • Tamara C.
    Tamara C.
    March 25, 2019

    My favorite bookstore in Jerusalem, always a pleasure to pass by! Books in all languages, siddourim, mishnaiot, staff so professional and really kind about shipping ! Thank you so much for everything

  • Gary Zweig (Rabbi Gedalia)
    Gary Zweig (Rabbi Gedalia)
    June 11, 2023

    Great place and selection.. Wonderful family..

  • Doug Gross
    Doug Gross
    November 1, 2017

    Great service. They didn't have the book we were looking for, so he called another store and had them being it over!

  • Yakov Misaghi
    Yakov Misaghi
    February 7, 2019

    Very nice people. You just have to walk in and see it for yourself. Ask about the Sofer. Very special.

  • Tali Gottlieb
    Tali Gottlieb
    December 1, 2015

    Staff was inattentive and the book I bought was in extremely poor condition but they would not discount the price even though it was the last one

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