Padani Jewelry

Padani Jewelry

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based on 25 traveler reviews
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The Padani Jewelry dynasty is the result of a marriage with the Belgian Reicher family diamond merchants. Together the families succeeded in creating a jewelry enterprise which was later called Padani, and the Padanis moved to Israel after WWII, founding a design studio for jewelry in Tel Aviv.  Padani's exquisite offerings, with potential for Gold and Platinum memberships, fit right in at Jerusalem's upscale Mamilla Mall, just down from the King David hotel.

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based on 25 traveler reviews
  • Chaya Devorah
    Chaya Devorah
    August 23, 2021

    Beautiful store with variety of very fine jewelry and watches.

  • Joe M
    Joe M
    January 4, 2022

    Top service

  • elisheva copin
    elisheva copin
    February 3, 2020

    High place for beautiful jewelry in Jerusalem. What I also find exceptional is the welcome which is really warm: they do everything possible to sort out the technical details. Main quality! I happily recommend.

  • יאיר דרייגור
    יאיר דרייגור
    April 8, 2021

    I bought a watch from them and it spends more time in repairs than on the wrist. I don't buy anything from them!!!

  • Betty Gantz
    Betty Gantz
    February 8, 2020

    In my dream I am the girl of an oligarch and he takes me there and buys me the watch I always wanted

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