Rolex Boutique - Mamilla

Rolex Boutique - Mamilla

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based on 173 traveler reviews
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The new Rolex boutique is located at the luxurious Alrov Mamilla Avenue in the center of Jerusalem. The new boutique displays unique and timeless models of one of the world's top luxury watch brands. The store was established by Rolex Geneva in association with Euro-Asia, Israel's exclusive representative of Rolex watches.

The company's good taste, professionalism and attention to the smallest details are felt immediately at the entrance to the store. The Rolex boutique in Mamilla Mall is designed with elegance and delicate colors. You'll find Crema Marfil marble tiles, antique tables with cream-colored leather tops, walnut boxes, and beautiful bronze accessories.

Selected Models

The store's inventory consists of an impressive collection of Rolex watches. You can find the timeless Oyster Perpetual mechanical waterproof watches. The first Oyster model was launched in 1926 and the Perpetual movement mechanism was introduced just a few years later, in 1931. The watches displayed at the store are part of a legendary collection. They are admired all around the world for their chronometric performance, reliability and classic style. For those looking for a less expensive alternative but do not wish to compromise on quality and elegance, the store offers TUDOR watches as well. TUDOR is Rolex's daughter company and all of its watches are manufactured inside Rolex factories.

About Rolex

Rolex is a Swiss luxury watch brand. The brand is known for its quality high-end watches, and it has been a symbol of excellence and success for over 110 years now. A pioneer in the field of watchmaking, the company developed its first wristwatch in 1905. Rolex designs, develops, and manufactures every piece, component and part of its watches, starting from the gold alloys and ending with the watch's dials and strap. So far the company has 400 patents under its name. Bonus Fact: Did you know that Rolex donates about 30% of its profit to different philanthropic activities? Enjoy your first Rolex!


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based on 173 traveler reviews
  • Josh
    February 1, 2023

    Recently bought from here. Madonna went above and beyond to make me feel at home during the purchasing experience, and Roy was a pleasure to talk with while fitting the watch. Can’t wait to be back! Great boutique.

  • Aaron Shimunov
    Aaron Shimunov
    January 30, 2023

    Had an excellent experience here! Ro helped me out a lot getting my brand new Rolex. Very patient and I am really grateful for the service i got here. Was treated like a king with soda & chocolates and walked out with a n...

  • Laurent Houtant
    Laurent Houtant
    August 25, 2023

    Yesterday , i go to pray in the holly City of The Holly Land . When i’ve finished , i entered into Rolex , even if i knew that They will ans et me that They havé no thing for me … But … I’ve been lucky to find George Cloo...

  • Amner Barayev
    Amner Barayev
    February 21, 2023

    I’m extremely happy with my new watch. Great customer service thank you guys

  • Daphne Bortunk
    Daphne Bortunk
    January 17, 2023

    My husband and I have had two wonderful experiences purchasing watches at this location. Our second experience was with רועי and מדונה who were both so helpful and friendly throughout our quest to find what we were lookin...

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  • address iconShlomo ha-Melekh St 9, Jerusalem, 94142, Israel
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