Bethlehem & Jericho Day Tour

Bethlehem & Jericho Day Tour

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Explore the ancient Church of the Nativity and experience the holy site where Jesus Christ was born in the grotto underneath. Continue from there to explore the most ancient city in the world, Jericho, and visit Qaser al Yahud Jordan river baptism site where John baptised Christ.

The Bethlehem & Jericho Tour will begin in the most ancient city in the world, Jericho, to view the many holy sites, pass-by the Mount of Temptation where Jesus defied the seductions of the Devil, then finish the tour in Bethlehem: the birthplace of Christianity.  Absorb the rich history of the two biblical cities and take a rare chance to explore their religious landmarks.  Visit the incredible holy Church of the Nativity, the oldest and most important church in the Holy Land. 

  • Explore the ancient Church of the Nativity and experience the holy site where Jesus Christ was born in the grotto underneath.
  • See the over 2,000-year-old Sycamore Tree that Zacchaeus climbed in the Bible. (Luke 19:1-10)
  • Visit the Manger Square, the center for all of the Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem.
  • Drink the waters of Elisha's Spring, where the Prophet Elisha healed the water in the Bible. (Kings II 2:19-22)
  • Tour the Tel Jericho archeological site where ancient peoples settled and flourished 10,000 years ago and observe the many stages of civilization.
  • Enter the Church of St. Catherine, and discover the underground caves that hold old shrines and tombs of saints.
  • Take an opportunity to get baptised at the Jordan River where John baptized Jesus, at Qasr al-Yahud.

What to expect

We drive east from Jerusalem towards the Dead Sea. On the way we pass the Inn of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:29-37) and continue on through the Biblical wilderness of the Judean Desert. 

As we decense towards the DEa Sea we make a short stop at the Sea Level mark before we continue to Jericho which is located at -258 meters below sea level. This ancient city is mentioned both in the New and Old Testament.  The Old Testement story describes Joshua who led his troops around the city walls until they fell (Joshua 6), and later on Jesus entered Jericho after his sojourn in the wilderness (Luke 19:1-10).  When Jesus entered Jericho, The City of Palms, the tax collector Zachaeus climbed a sycamore tree to see him better. We will make a stop near this ancient tree.

Jesus spent forty days and forty nights on the nearby Mount Temptation, here the devil tried to turn Jesus away from God but Jesus responded “Man shall not live by bread alone.” (Mathew 4:1-4). Our journey takes us back towards Jerusalem and the Judean Mountains where we visit Bethlehem, both the home of Jesuse, King David’s father birthplace and the place where Jesus was born (Mathew 2:1).

From Manger Square we enter through a small door into the Church of the Nativity. The church was built in the 4th century over the grotto where Jesus was born and later in the 6th century the church was reconstructed.  Within the church is the Grotto of the Nativity where a star marks the spot where Jesus was born, the Manger and an altar to the three Wise Men.  Next we visit the Crusader Church of Saint Catherine and see the underground grotto where Saint Jerome painstakingly translated the Bible from Hebrew to Latin, creating the Vulgate.

We make another stop in Bethlehem at the Milk Grotto where Mary nursed Jesus.  On our way from Bethlehem back to Jerusalem we visit Shepherds Field where an Angel of the Lord appeared to shepherds on Christmas night to tell them of the imminent birth of the savior.


Pick-up Times:

6:20 am: start pickup from hotels in Herzliya
6:40 am: start pickup from hotels in Tel-Aviv
7:50 am: start pickup from hotels in Jerusalem

Drop-off Times:

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm: tour ends in Jerusalem
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm: tour ends in Tel-Aviv
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm: tour ends in Herzliya

All times are approximate

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Additional Notes

  • What to bring and wear: Modest dress is required for holy places, a passport, comfortable walking shoes, and water shoes for those entering the Jordan river (optional).
  • This tour is subject to Palestinian Authority regulations.

  • Changes of vehicle required for transfers of pick up/drop off destinations to save time, avoid traffic and delay!

  • If you would like to be dropped off at different locations other than the cities listed above, there is an additional payment per person that can be booked online with your ticket reservation.

  • Age: 4+

Cancellation Policy

  • No refunds will be provided for no-shows or cancellations on the day of travel
  • Cancellations are accepted 24 hours or more before tour begins.
  • Cancellations will incur a 4% commission fee if booked by credit card or Paypal.


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