An adventurous Tour of the City of David

An adventurous Tour of the City of David

Come on a magical journey between shafts, walls, and ancient fortifications, between underground passages and hidden springs.

This is a tour of the magical past of the most intriguing city on earth – Jerusalem. Come and see the stories of the Bible with your eyes, on a tour that will lead you through the depths of the earth to the depths of history and reveal fascinating secrets from Jerusalem's past!

Additional Details to Note

  • The tour includes an innovative installation at the Fountain Citadel
  • The tour is suitable for families
  • For walking in Hezekiah tunnel, you should bring drinking water, walking shoes and lanterns (alternatively, you can purchase shoes and lanterns on the site)
  • Admission for tunnels is recommended for ages 5 and up. The water level in the tunnel is up to 70 cm

Tickets and Prices for ordering through a website

  • 52 nis for an adult 35 NIS per child (5-18) / Soldier / Senior citizen

About City of David

The City of David is one of the leading and most important attractions in Jerusalem, visited by over half a million each year. The City of David functions as an archaeological site that preserves knowledge about ancient Israel and the birthplace of Jerusalem. It also offers a variety of activities and experiential tours for all ages.

  • from $9.5
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