Tour in the Ultra-Orthodox quarters - get to know an unusual and ancient culture

Tour in the Ultra-Orthodox quarters - get to know an unusual and ancient culture

Join an unforgettable private tour

The ultra-orthodox stands as a willingly-separated society within the Israeli ecosystem, living by its own rules, avoiding technology and making any effort to maintain their lifestyle, which is rooted in traditions that transcended many centuries, including the darkest times of the Jewish people.

Within a few hours, you'll gain a rare insight into this world, where traditions valued above all, and everything is structured, has a purpose and a meaning. You’ll learn the intricacies and differences between the different branches of Jewish Orthodox (between Hasidim and Lithuanian frictions). You’ll get to know their way of life and how the life-changing events unfold for them.

You can’t explore the culture and its lifestyle without addressing one of the essential things in our life – food!

The tour will including exciting tastings of traditional Jewish food, affected as well by the eccentric ultra-orthodox way of life. For instance, the Cholent is an effective way to avoid using electricity during the Shabbat or the Gefilte fish – a fish with no bone to take away (since it’s also forbidden in Shabbat, as it is considered work), etc. You’ll see a whole different point of view over culinary and ways to serve a table!

How arranged marriage (shidduch) works? How can you make a living as a close community? Is it possible to live without the technology of the 21st century, including the internet? Why they choose to be secluded, and what scares them the most in becoming secular?

Get to know a new world that resides inside the advanced, secular and technologically advanced state of Israel,

This idea was brought to life by an activist from this sector who is also a social entrepreneur – Nethanel Zelikovich.


The tour takes place at Jewish Orthodox neighborhoods, and therefore, participants are asked to dress modestly. 
  • Men should wear shirts with sleeves and long trousers or 3/4 length trousers.
  • Women should wear shirts with sleeves and with no cleavage and long skirts/trousers.
Cancellation will be accepted at least 48 hours before the tour date.