8 Day Private Expedition of Israel by Shin Tours

8 Day Private Expedition of Israel by Shin Tours

This vast tour through Israel is a unique experience, that can be fully adapted to any set of interests or belief as well as for various ages, and mobility.

Our most popular outline is 8 days and nights visiting all the major cultural and historic sites in Jerusalem, the Judean Desert, Northern Israel, and Tel Aviv — A tour is departing regularly on Wednesdays.


Day 1 - Discovering The secrets of the Holy Old City of Jerusalem The highlights of the day:

  • Tour of The Old City
  • The Western Wall (The Wailing Wall)
  • Dome of the Rock
  • The Church of the Holy Sepulcher
  • Remains of Herod’s Temple
  • The Mount of Olives

Day 2 - The Old City of Jerusalem The highlights of the day:

  • The City of David - a place that lives and breaths the Bible
  • Caliber 3 Counter Terror & Security Academy
  • A 2,700 Years Old Engineering Monument
  • Insider’s View of the Israeli Defense Forces’ activity

Day 3 - Discovering the New City of Jerusalem The highlights of the day:

  • The World Holocaust Remembrance Center
  • Israel Museum
  • The Ancient Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Traditional Jewish Sabbath Dinner

Day 4 - Exploring The Judean Desert The highlights of the day:

  • Ein Gedi
  • The Ruins of Masada
  • Climbing hills and Swimming In Natural Pools
  • Taking the Nahal David Trail
  • Waterfalls
  • Floating in The Dead Sea

Day 5 - Exploring Two Unique Sites The highlights of the day:

  • A 1600-Year-Old Roman City
  • A visit to a Traditional Kibbutz
  • Sailing in the Sea of Galilee on a Wooden Boat just like in ancient times

Day 6 - The Golan Heights The highlights of the day:

  • Breathtaking Views of The Golan Heights
  • A visit to a Local Winery and Chocolate Factory
  • Jeep Tour in the wilderness
  • Pass-Through the Demilitarized Zone

Day 7 - Some real magic at the Mysterious city of Tzfat and the Remarkably Preserved Ruins of Old Akko (Acre) The highlights of the day:

  • Visiting the Highest City in Israel
  • Exploring the Old City of Acre
  • Experiencing the Colorful Arab Market
  • An Underground Prisoners' Museum

Day 8 - Getting to Know the twin Cities - Tel Aviv and Jaffa and their wonders The highlights of the day:

  • Explore the Sister Cities
  • Discover Carmel Shuk (Market)
  • Meeting An Israeli Entrepreneur
  • Visit The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

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Trip Details

Suitable Season: All Year round 

Trip Specifications: Based on your needs and wishes 

Hotel Bookings: They're usually done through the Shin Tours Company. We can provide you with better rates than you'd find online, we can provide the best rooms in each hotel, as well as upgrades with no additional cost, when and where it's possible. 

Greeting & Sending off Point: We'll pick you up from your hotel in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, or straight from the Airport. 

The Tour Price Includes: A certified guide and a driver, entrance, and activity fees 

What's Not Included: Accommodations, tips for the guide and driver. 

Things to Bring Along: comfortable shoes, sunhat and sunscreen, bathing suit, a semi-formal outfit

Good to Know:

Safety: Your safety is very important to us. Our drivers are trained and experienced, and we keep our vehicles well-maintained, including an annual inspection. We're well familiar with the local scenery and make sure to be updated regarding the current level of security at all times. 

Guides: See details about the guide right here. 

Food: For lunch, you'll get to experience modern Israeli cuisine. It is a blend of some of the best Mediterranean ingredients with all the international flavors you can think about. On every day of the tour, your group will enjoy different culinary options at some of the trendiest, most modern restaurants in the area. As for dinner, your guide will recommend excellent local spots you could try for yourself. (Please note that lunch and dinner aren't included in the tour price) 

Important: During the Sabbath dinner, we kindly ask you not to use your phone, nor for talking and nor for taking pictures.

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