Jerusalem Dual Narrative Tour by Abraham Tours

Jerusalem Dual Narrative Tour by Abraham Tours

Approx. 10 Hours
Certified Tour Guide
This experience explores numerous narratives and presents Jerusalem through two sets of eyes: of a Jewish Israeli and a Palestinian guide, both will work together.

Gain a one-of-a-kind perspective of the city by having a glimpse into both of its sides Visit three monuments and sites that are sacred for the main three religions: 1. Church of the Holy Sepulchre. 2. The Western Wall. 3. Temple Mount / Al-Aqsa Mosque.  Have enlightening conversations with a Jewish Israeli and an Arab Palestinian and have a better understanding of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and how it affects the daily life of both nations.

Abraham Tours invites you to a unique tour to experience Jerusalem Dual Narrative Tour. It was planned to shed some light on the long and intricate history and complex contemporary reality of one of the most famed, though controversial, cities in the world. Will you be able to make up your mind about it at the end of our journey? We can't promise you that. During the tour, you'll visit the Temple Mount or Al-Haram A-Sharif (“The Noble Sanctuary”). 

This compound has a special meaning in biblical tradition, and it is sacred for both Judaism and Islam. Next, we'll continue to an observation point overlooking Old City rooftops and the valleys beyond the walls, and the guides will explain what we're seeing from both of their perspectives. How the two-point of view can relate to the thousands of years of the city’s history? 

Next, we'll visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which showcases the variety of Christian denominations and a vivid example of a fragile truce. We'll go on trotting the main alleys and small pathways of the Old City. Who were the people that lived here hundreds of years ago? Back in 1929? Later, in 1967? And how is it changing even to this day? This tour will do its best to help you understand the deeply religious and national roots that tie Jerusalem to the locals, discuss the current tensions, and try to predict the city’s future.



Important Information

  • We recommend you to have with you a hat, sunscreen, drinking water, and some snacks
  • Please bear in mind that most of the holy places require modest dressing:  make sure to wear clothes that are covering your knees and arms (men and women and like), and bring a shawl or a scarf just in case.

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