A fascinating boutique tour - artists and craftsmen in the Christian Quarter

A fascinating boutique tour - artists and craftsmen in the Christian Quarter

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Get familiar with the Christian Quarter at the Old City of Jerusalem: During the tour, we’ll get to meet the fascinating residents and craftsmen who inhabit the magical and mysterious quarter.
Dorit Graiver

your tour guide // Dorit Graiver

Dorit Graiver

Dorit Graiver is a guide with over two decades of experience. Dorit is a proud native citizen of Jerusalem and the author of the book” Jerusalem – a Creation Album”. She writes for numerous magazines and newspapers and owns the...

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We’ll start the tour by entering the Old City through the Jaffa Gate, strolling through the colorful and vibrant market. Here we’ll hear the story of a 500-year-old tattoo shop that, over 27 generations, passes its craftsmanship from generation to generation, operating within the city walls. We’ll visit the fabric seller that offers the most spectacular collection from all over the world. We’ll listen to him telling us all about them, and get to know what is the most expensive fabric in his unique store, which costs hundreds of dollars per meter.

Next, we’ll visit the old Armenian Photohouse with its collection of spectacular photos of Jerusalem.

In addition, we’ll visit the magnificent Armenian ceramics workshop and become acquainted with the unique art of the well-known Armenian traditional craft.

The tour will end with a visit to an unbelievably sweet and delicious pâtisserie.

Good to Know

  • The tour takes about three hours
  • Organized groups only
  • No pre-scheduled tours