A Cultural Guided Tour at the Museum on the Seam

A Cultural Guided Tour at the Museum on the Seam

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based on 541 traveler reviews
Approx. 2 Hours
The center of the changing exhibitions in the Museum stand the national, ethnic and economic seam lines in their local and universal contexts.

Museum on the Seam is a social contemporary art museum in Jerusalem, which was selected by the New York Times as "one of the 29 most impressive art institutions in the world". The Museum is located on the geographic seam between the three religions, and presents art as a language with no boundaries in order to raise social issues for public discussion, while emphasizing what connects us rather than what keeps us apart.

Cost: 60 NIS per person. Min. participants: 10. 

Duration: about an hour. The tour is open for discussion and questions, and can be tailored according to the needs of your group. It is possible to include food and drinks if coordinated first.

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based on 541 traveler reviews
  • Alex Drukpa.
    Alex Drukpa.
    May 3, 2023

    The building itself embodies much of this place's complex history and it presents thought-provoking exhibitions about our surrounding reality. What a great museum. It's small enough to be intimate and interesting. It has...

  • Yoni Savransky
    Yoni Savransky
    September 14, 2022

    Small and interesting art museum. It has 2 rotating galleries, touching on the area of the seam. Tries to give voice to people from all the different parts of Israeli society. Entry price was fair at 40₪. The museum also...

  • Maxwell Lent
    Maxwell Lent
    June 2, 2023

    This is a great modern art museum. Built on the seam of the city between the East and West, it is all about the seams between society. With ever changing exhibits they do a great job at highlighting the fractures in Israe...

  • nettadi ben asher
    nettadi ben asher
    June 27, 2019

    What a great museum. It's small enough to be intimate and interesting. It has a definite artistic agenda that is unique and much needed, focusing on human and animal rights, ecology and other aspects of the modern life....

  • Damon Lesjack
    Damon Lesjack
    February 28, 2019

    Pricey, like $12, for a few floors and a few rooms but a very historical building with a few pieces of very stimulating art. There's a great viewing area up the spiral staircase above the roof. I'm not sure how the cafe i...

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