Three Generations Jewish Heritage 10 Day Tour by Shin Tours

Three Generations Jewish Heritage 10 Day Tour by Shin Tours

10 day tour package
Experience the many faces of past and present Israel the way you want, while enjoying the local atmosphere and the best cuisine, from Carmel Market in Tel-Aviv to Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem.

Join this vast and unique tour - highly flexible and tailored according to your needs and desire by Shin Tours.


Greeting at Ben Gurion International Airport by a Shin Tours representative who'll accompany you to the transfer vehicle.
  • Check-in at the Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel


  • Touring Tel Aviv & Jaffa For the Whole Day We'll take off to Jaffa to enjoy the various contrasts of the area by visiting three very different spots: the serene St. Peter’s Church, the vivacious flea market with its abundance of treasures, and the unique view of the sea from Jaffa’s historic port. We'll stroll along Rothschild Boulevard and get inspired by The White City of Tel Aviv (honored by UNESCO World Heritage). Various notable architects had created an amazing architectural collection that represents the Modern Movement in the newest context of culture. Afterward, we’ll visit Neve Tzedek, The newest hip quarter of Tel Aviv, where the intellectual elite resided at the beginning of the State of Israel’s history.
  • Touring and Tasting at the Carmel Market Accompanied by a cooking Israeli food workshop Our next stop will be at Shuk haCarmel, the famous and colorful market of Tel Aviv, offering everything, from exotic spices to the freshest fish straight from the docks.
  • We'll stop to enjoy Coffee and sweet Knafe in Jaffa Dinner at L28 - a unique culinary social institution 


  • We'll check out from Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel
  • Traveling the Coastal areas of Israel We'll start with breakfast and check-out. Next, you'll meet your guide for the day and together you'll go to Caesarea, an enchanting port city established by the Roman King Herod. We'll explore the port, the Roman amphitheater, the hippodrome, and the aqueduct. This archaeological site underwent incredible restoration work, allowing us to see life as it was back then. We'll continue to drive all the way to Haifa and go to the summit of Mt. Carmel to enjoy a panoramic view of Haifa Bay, the breathtaking Bahai Gardens, and its impressive Shrine. The next stop is The Old City of Acre (Akko) - another honored UNESCO World Heritage site … and you'll see why! We'll take a tasting tour at the Old Market of Akko
  • By the evening, we'll Check-in at Pastoral Kfar Blum Hotel


  • A Tour at the Golan Heights Day 4 is devoted to the Golan Heights, its natural landscapes, and ascending hills. You'll learn about the strategic importance and history of this region. The day will begin with a walk in nature at the Banias, a beautiful resort and an ancient city, reconstructed in ancient times by Herod's son Philip in the name of the pagan god Pan. The next location is Mount Bental high-point - the former military base observing Syria. We'll hear about the village of Kunetra and the wars that took place in 1967 and 1973. We'll hop on a jeep and drive around, along with explanations that will allow us to understand the delicate geopolitics of the area. The day will be concluded with wine tastings at a local winery
  • Druze cuisine workshop This fascinating community we'll open itself up for us by inviting us to their kitchen to make traditional dishes together. During the preparation, we’ll talk about their customs, secret heritage, and unique connection with Israel.


  • Check out from the Pastoral Kfar Blum Hotel
  • Capernaum The ruins of Capernaum, known in the Bible as the Town of Jesus, will give us a perspective of life when Jesus resided there. We’ll visit the place that is believed as Peter's House. We'll also see the ruins of a huge ancient synagogue.
  • Taking a Boat Ride on the Sea of Galilee Experience the calm waters of the Sea of Galilee by boat, sailing almost as Jesus and his disciples did at their time.
  • Yardenit A beautiful spot on the Jordan River, highly popular among the baptisms.
  • An Organic Farm at Kibbutz Harduf We'll have a visit at the Organic Farm at Kibbutz Harduf. Starting with a short introduction to the subject of organic agriculture. We'll taste dates accompanied by a delicious tea. We'll hear about the operation of the Organic Farm and the produce it has, and participate in its activity by collecting eggs. Next, we'll make an organic meal for ourselves in the vegetable garden.
  • Tzfat/Safed Tzfat is one of the four Jewish holy cities of Israel. It is known as the origin of Jewish mysticism practice - the Kabbalah. It's characterized by narrow alleys, state-of-the-art synagogues, and an inspiring artists’ quarter. The secrets of Judaism will be revealed to us through the tales of Tzfat over the centuries.
  • Check-in at Bezalel Hotel Jerusalem


  • Old City of Jerusalem We'll explore the Old City of Jerusalem and its four quarters. This tour is more extensive than the usual and regular tourist sightseeing. It'll enable you to connect with yourself and your spirituality. The tour includes a visit to the major sacred sites of the 3 major monotheistic religions. Your guide will share the rich history of the place and the deep meaning it holds for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. We'll enter the Old City by the Armenian Quarter. Taking our way through the complex and immersive picturesque alleyways of the Old City. We'll all take in this magnificent place, with all its history and culture concentrated in every single mile. Next, we'll visit the Jewish Quarter. It was rebuilt anew after the unification of the city as the result of the Six-Day War in 1967. The "Cardo" is a must-see place in the restored Jewish Quarter. The view of the unearthed Roman thoroughfare and the ancient marketplace that is beautifully lined with intricate columns. Next, we'll pay a visit to the Hurva Synagogue, located in the center of the Quarter. Next, there's a tasting tour at the Old city's market, concluded by a delicious Kebab-making workshop we'll walk towards the Western Wall, the holiest religious site of the Jewish people. We'll also climb on the rooftops to enjoy an up and close view over the Dome of the Rock, a sacred place for the Muslims, the spot from which they believe that the Prophet Mohammed ascended to the Heavens. We'll get to know why this Rock is probably the most important one in the whole world!At that point, we'll leave the Jewish Quarter and make our way through the market toward the Muslim Quarter.We'll walk the Via Dolorosa that end with the Church of the Holy Sepulcher - a sacred location to Christians, the place where Jesus was crucified, buried, and eventually resurrected. The guide will re-tell the whole history of the Crucifixion, showing the way the Bible meets archaeology.
  • Evening-hours tour at Machane Yehuda Market and a workshop with the Chef Tali Friedman We’ll get familiar with one of the most beloved markets in Israel, and discover the story of local cuisine while enjoying some wonderful flavors. You should really work some appetite for this!


  • Tel Azeka We’ll overlook the ancient battlefield where David took on Goliath from the ruins of an ancient Israelite settlement.
  • A scavenger tour at the Judean hills & Ella Valley with Nurit Hertz The local fields were the closest thing to the supermarket that the ancient people had. Just like back then, we’ll scavenge the magnificent Judean Hills, and afterward, we'll cook a meal of biblical magnitude with what we've gathered.
  • A visit to the Nevo winery
  •  Making Biblical Bread workshop in the Judean Hills


  • A day by the Dead Sea After a beautiful scenic drive, with an amazing view of the Judean Mountains on one side and with the Dead Sea on the other, you'll arrive at the Ein Gedi Reserve. This overflowing Oasis with marvelous waterful is mentioned more than once in the Book of Psalms. On the spot, you'll hear some of the biblical tales of King David and his hiding from King Saul. The abundance of water at Ein Gedi’s along with its tropical climate is a fine environment for exquisite plant and animal life. Next, we'll stop by Masada and have an inspiring tour of the ancient fortress. It is a standing legacy of the struggle the Jewish people had endured in ancient times, all the way to the tragic ending, becoming a meaningful symbol for Israel nowadays. We'll also explore the hidden section of Masada, where authentic artifacts from the 1st century CE can be observed. Upon arrival on the unique shore of the Dead Sea, you'll get to experience the famous floating effect, and cover yourselves with mud, and the mineral-rich waters.
  • A Feast courtesy of Chef Tal Zohar  Don't look for a restaurant - we bring the chef to you! Enjoy a lavish private dinner in an outstanding location.


  • Israel Museum A world-class museum with amazing exhibits of the local archaeology, some of the global Jewish traditions, as well contemporary art and the mythical Dead Sea Scrolls.
  • Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial and Museum Visit Yad Vashem, Israel's official memorial to the 6,000,000 Jewish people murdered in the Holocaust. This place is known for providing a humbling and emotional experience.
  • Political tour to Bethlehem and hospitality of a Palestinian home  Divided from Jerusalem by a security barrier (also called ‘the fence’ or ‘the wall’), Bethlehem allows us to see the security issues Israel has to deal with and the reasons for establishing this barrier. Next, we'll cross to the Palestinian side and see their side of the conflict and the way it affects their daily life.
  • The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem The main reason for any visit to Bethlehem - is the grand church associated with Jesus' birth.

DAY 10

  • Checking out from Bezalel Hotel Jerusalem
  • After breakfast, we shall leave for the Ben Gurion Airport to get on the flight back home, filled with everlasting memories of Israel!!
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