Alegra Hotel Spa

Alegra Hotel Spa

Looking for the perfect spot to relax and increase your positive energy? Alegra Hotel's Spa is located in the picturesque Ein Karem neighborhood in West Jerusalem, surrounded by ancient buildings and a breathtaking landscape. The spa is fully equipped and furnished for a day of rest, offering a wide range of uplifting and indulgent treatments for your body and mind. The spa treatments are performed in a new wellness center that includes an indoor/outdoor spa, surrounded by beautiful gardens overlooking the Jerusalem Mountains. The experienced spa staff will make sure you have the best experience of harmony and indulgence, using the best techniques available. In addition to the spa, you will also find a plunge pool and different massages.

Spa Treatment Menu

Holistic Swedish Massage

A pampering massage designed to relax the muscles, relieve tension and pressure trapped in the body and stimulate circulation. Usually done with grapeseed oil. Duration: 50 min Cost: 300/600 ILS (single/couple)

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on releasing the tension that has accumulated in the muscle and surrounding tissues. Recommended for people engaged in intense physical activity. Immediate pain relief. Duration: 50 min / 75 min Cost: 350/670 ILS (single/couple)  / 550/970 ILS


A treatment based on a healing method that treats the feet as a mirror of the entire body. The foot massage directly affects the corresponding areas throughout the body. The reflexology treatment drains toxins, relieves stress and helps solve various medical conditions. Duration: 50 min Cost: 300/600 ILS (single/couple)

Pregnancy Massage

Performed from week 16 and up. This treatment supports body changes during pregnancy while focusing on releasing the lower back and pelvis, treating leg swelling and preparing the body for labour. The pregnancy massage is performed only by trained and licensed therapists. Duration: 50 min Cost: 330 ILS

4 Hands Massage

This experiential treatment is performed in perfect harmony by the therapists. This treatment will make you feel like you were born again. Duration: 50 min Cost: 560/1000 ILS (single/couple)

Hot Stones Massage

A pampering Native-American massage performed with stones and deep pressure on energetic centers in the body, helping in opening blockages and in deep relaxation of your body and mind. Duration: 50 min / 75 min Cost: 380/720 ILS (single/couple)  / 550/1000 ILS

Alegra Winter Massage

The hotel's exclusive spa treatment, combining gentle massage with warm aromatic oils and body peel. The body peel consists of Dead Sea salts and various plant extracts and it absorbs deep into the skin. This way the peel helps relax the muscles, increase blood flow, and cleanse skin cells. The treatment will regenerate and cleanse your body. The treatment can be combined with hot stones. Duration: 60 min Cost: 450/860 ILS (single/couple)


We recommend booking you spa visit and treatments 4 days prior to your arrival.
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