ESC - a network of Jerusalem Escape Rooms

ESC - a network of Jerusalem Escape Rooms

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based on 231 traveler reviews
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Esc The Room– the thrilling escape room complex awaits you with a mystery room at the park offices and special offers with extra goodies for groups and events. The Esc The Room complex allows you to arrange a variety of private events suitable for groups of up to 14 guests – from birthdays to fun team-building activities. The complex will provide you with the full experience, and give you a special price for large groups. Included are refreshments and soft drinks, a coffee area, a special room for events, and even a conference room where you can screen a video for your guests or workers. If you wish, our staff can hide presents around the room that you could give as a surprise to the celebrator most creatively and originally – this requires prior arrangement and an extra fee.

Our Escape Room: A Mystery in the Park Offices

Come and experience a thrilling and suspenseful escape room: after a serious malfunction was discovered in the facilities of a large amusement park, the staff members are looking for the park technician, only not to find him anywhere… as it turns out, he has disappeared. You’re taking the role of a group of young technicians who need to resolve the problem. But as you go on in the escape room. You realize that this is not a regular technical problem and that there’s a dark and dangerous secret lurking in the park. What happened to the technician? And will you be able to stop the murderous rides and save the innocent visitors of the park? And most importantly – who is the mysterious man following you? The game takes about an hour, so you have 60 minutes to save the innocent, solve complicated puzzles and enjoy every moment. To make it on time, you’ll be able to ask the staff for clues.

Price List

  • 2 participants - 240
  • 3 participants - 330
  • 4 participants - 400
  • 5 participants - 450
  • 6 participants - 480
  • 7 participants - 525
  • 8-14 participants - 70 NIS per person


We’ve created a unique and highly challenging escape room that uses advanced technology that was never seen in Israel before. Since then, we hosted over 4,000 participants. We received outstanding feedback and excellent reviews. And the rest is history…

So, what can we offer you?

Host surprise parties \ bachelor parties \ bar mitzvahs

Have a family activity, or an unforgettable date, or an anniversary celebration

Team building – a corporate event – a fun activity for your team

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based on 231 traveler reviews
  • Ben Nabet
    Ben Nabet
    October 29, 2017

    Excellent escape room! Good queues, great ambiance, and a bit creepy :) loved it

  • Elisheva Tatz
    Elisheva Tatz
    January 7, 2020

    Good escape room, we did the lunapark. Was good but scary... skeletons etc...

  • Andrey Dobrikov
    Andrey Dobrikov
    June 20, 2018

    Great room, interesting, scary, beautiful, worth every shekel, must do.

  • Malka Tova Adler
    Malka Tova Adler
    January 23, 2019

    Great escape room! Recomend!!!

  • ליאור סלע
    ליאור סלע
    June 17, 2019


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