Join The Temple Mount Sifting Project & Reveal Jerusalem’s Buried Secrets

Join The Temple Mount Sifting Project & Reveal Jerusalem’s Buried Secrets

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If you’re looking for a unique activity for the whole family and all ages, the special sifting activity at Temple Mount is an excellent idea!
A unique and fascinating experience, that allows you to hold the story of the Temple Mount in your very hands.

All family members will try themselves in real archaeological work, becoming real-life archaeologists seeking historical relics in the soil.


You’ll listen to the story of the soil you’ll be sifting.
It was removed from the Temple Mount site in the dead of night, and now you’d look for archaeology in it.
The Temple Mount was such an important place with a rich history. Remnants of it can be found in every fistful of dirt – jewelry, seal prints, ancient weapons, decorated flooring tiles from the Temple, and countless other unique items that will fill up the pages of history.

And you and your family can contribute to that.

Over 200,000 people have already taken part in the sifting work, with thousands of diverse remains uncovered – the names of each person who found them were marked as well, being mentioned in the media in Israel and around the world.


It all started in 1999 when illegal construction work on the Temple Mount was initiated by the Muslim Waqf.
To protect the historical value of the soil, huge amounts of earth containing archaeological remains of the temple were excavated and evacuated to Kedron Creek.
Since the Temple Mount is inaccessible for archaeological excavation, sifting the dirt removed from it provides a rare opportunity to uncover the archaeological treasures that remain hidden in the mountain’s soil.

Is the idea of discovering items of Jewish history excite you?
Take the role of an archaeologist for a day and help save and uncover ancient relics from the most important site in the heritage of the People of Israel!


  • The activity lasts for about two hours and does not involve physical exertion.
  • The weather conditions on site are suitable for all seasons, even on Hamsin days.
  • The Hamasu’ot Lookout is at the highest point in Jerusalem and is highly windy.
  • The sifting activity is done in water, which helps endure the heat.
  • In the winter and on rainy days, the activity is held in a greenhouse, and the sifting is done using heated water.

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