Join Artist's Workshops at the Jerusalem House of Quality

Join Artist's Workshops at the Jerusalem House of Quality

Jerusalem House of Quality resides in a magical ancient building filled with unbelievable tales from history, yet to be discovered by the visitors. Previously it served as a hospital of the St. John order. The visitors will be delighted to see a beautiful khan-like Arabian courtyard, symbols of the Scottish aristocracy, an original Armenian ceramic room, a copy of 2,700-year-old silver scroll and more. Thirty outstanding artists, all quite known and respected in their fields are leading 23 original workshops: glass arts, stained glass, Tiffany and Glass Sculpture, Copper Stamping, Painting, Enamel, Jewelry, Ceramic Design, Contemporary Judaica, Fabrics works and Mosaic. Anyone can visit the workshop and witness the creative process in the making. Jerusalem House of Quality provides an incredible opportunity to participate in various creative workshops of all kinds of art and crafts. Additionally, there are tours around the place regarding the history and the art of Jerusalem. It includes a breath-taking observatory over the Old City Walls as seen from the rooftop. There’s also a gallery with changing exhibitions, presenting artists from Jerusalem and abroad. Overall, it’s the perfect way to experience art in the Holy City.

Artists’ workshops at Jerusalem House of Quality


Glass is one of the most exciting materials in the art world. It is created naturally, artificially, colorful, or colorless. More importantly, it doesn’t decay for a million years! Hence, we can see mosaics, stained glass, and all kinds of glassware many years after its creation. In the following workshops, you’ll learn to use this unique material for creating eternal art.


Visit this unique workshop and learn to craft a glass mosaic or paint unique creations of glass. Length: 2 hours


If you enjoy decorating your home with ceramic knickknacks? This workshop is for you! Here you learn to use potter’s wheel, sculpt in ceramic and decorate your complete work.


One-of-a-kind workshop during which you’ll learn various processing methods of different materials, such as copper and paper. Length: 2 hours.

Painting on silk

A special workshop to get familiar with unique techniques of painting on delicate fabrics – such as silk.


A workshop led by an experienced artist, Bezalel Academy graduate. An extraordinary opportunity to learn to draw, paint, and illustrate. Length: 2 hours


Learn design fashion, build a portfolio, and get help in getting accepted to Bezalel and Shenkar academies.


Learn to sculpt with a burner, creating stained-glass and colorful mosaics One-on-one Workshop Length: 1.5 hours Group workshop (6-8 participants) Length: 2.5 hours

Creating contemporary Judaica

Judaica plays a crucial part in the Jewish heart of every one of us. Come to learn and to create traditional Judaica tools with a twist of novelty and creativity. One-on-One workshop Length: 3 hours


Join a creative gastronomic experience – the chocolate, wine, and ethnic food workshops from Jerusalem House of Quality will allow you to experience, create, and enjoy an unforgettable day.

Design handmade leather purses and jewelry

From picking your colors, customizing various details, and crafting your own dream handbag! Sign up for masterclasses of “Crafting and designing leather” - an introductory workshop for experimenting with natural leather. The workshop will teach you to create a piece of special personal jewelry, handbags, belts, and techniques of manual sewing. Length: 2.5 - 3 hours

Feather and writing on parchment

A workshop "as before", writing with ink and quill and ending on parchment under the guidance of a Sattam writer, at the end of the workshop you will receive your work and in addition your name written on parchment by the writer.

Become a jeweler for a day!

The workshop teaches basic and advanced techniques of sawing, composing, polishing, and inlaying gems. 

Length: 2 hours

Cyanotype workshop

A fascinating workshop in which every participant will design, plan and create a personal print on textile products (bag, pillow case, t-shirt, etc.) Suitable for all ages.

Creating Silver jewelry

Get to know the metals and tools that participate in creating silver jewelry... and even make a piece of silver jewelry yourself! In this workshop, you will experience sawing, splitting, soldering, hammering and more. 

Length: about two hours. The workshop is suitable for all ages.

A decoration and calligraphy painting workshop on a Miriam drum

The participants will design their work on a drum in different styles, spectacular decorations, and calligraphy.

Length: about two hours. The workshop is suitable for all ages.

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